April 20, 2016

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Safe Sex for Alcohol and a Condom for Your Liver - Podcast

Let’s regress in time to the 1980s.

Remember C. Everett Koop, the Surgeon-General who launched the Safe Sex movement? Koop wanted to curtail the spread of AIDS. The Safe Sex movement started slowly and originally focused on non-monogamous gay men. By 1987, though, everyone was doing it. (Or not doing “it” as the case may be.) A February 17, 1987 New York Times headline declared “Safe Sex Movement Gains Favor Among Heterosexuals.” The story said, “Caution is in. The one-night stand is out.” And a woman in a condom ad said, “I’d do a lot for love, but I won’t die for it.”

Think of the Coalition for Safer Drinking as the Safe Sex movement for alcohol. Chigurupati Technologies' NTX is like a condom for your liver and DNANTX prevents 93 percent of the liver damage caused by drinking and about half of the DNA damage. (Yes, even one drink damages your DNA.)


In other words, we’re facing reality on reality’s terms. We know people drink, and we’re not encouraging them to do so. We also know people care more and more about their health. Part of concern for health involves the stuff we put into our bodies, including alcohol.

So the Coalition for Safer Drinking wants you to know that regular alcohol is bad for your liver and your DNA, but alcohol made with NTX is nearly harmless to the liver and significantly safer for DNA. Right now, only Bellion Vodka contains NTX. Bellion will be available throughout the United States this summer, so look for it. If you live in Texas, New York, or Connecticut, you can get Bellion right now.

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I am the national spokesman for the Coalition for Safer Drinking and author of the book on NTX, Fight to Evolve, which is available for Kindle now and will be available in hardbound very soon. Look for it on Amazon.com. Contact me at bill-at-billhennessy.com. I’d be happy to schedule an interview for your radio program, blog, or podcast.

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