April 7, 2016

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Thanks for Overwhelming Book Launch!

Just a quick note because I’ve been on the road all week.

Fight to Evolve: The Government’s Secret War on NTX just hit Number 2 in Censorship category on the Amazon Kindle store. (These numbers change a lot, so I’m posting this screenshot to prove it.)

[caption id=“attachment_19181” align=“aligncenter” width=“630”]Fight to Evolve by Willam T. Hennessy Number 2 on Amazon Kindle Store for Censorship. Fight to Evolve by Willam T. Hennessy Number 2 on Amazon Kindle Store for Censorship.[/caption]

And it’s #1 on Hot New Releases!

Thank you all, so much, for pushing this vital story to the top. NTX is a lifesaving functional food innovation that could end liver disease caused by alcohol. If you, like me, enjoy your drink, you need to read this book. And you need to find an adult beverage that’s made with NTX.

Please read this book, and make sure your friends and loved ones who drink read it too.

Don’t drink? That’s okay. The book is about how crony capitalism kills people. Real people. Really dead. And how the crony capitalists nudge the federal government to stifle free speech. (There is no First Amendment for innovators, did you know?)

Liver disease can cost millions of dollars, but Fight to Evolve on Kindle is only 3.99. That’s dirt cheap compared to illness, is it not? Buy it now, read it now.

Thanks, again, for putting me on top of Kirsten Powers and within striking distance of Juan Williams. (click here to see what I’m talking about.)

Thank you, readers and book lovers!

Fight to Evolve on Kindle Now!