April 1, 2016

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Save Your Life?

My latest book, Fight to Evolve: The Governments Secret War on NTX, is available for pre-order now at Amazon.


Folks, this is the war we’re fighting. It’s the war that pits innovation against entrenched incumbents. It’s the too small to survive against too big to fail. And it’s the reason we call ourselves conservatives.

Alcohol is killing your body, even if you’re a casual drinking. (I’m 10x casual. Maybe 30x.) But there’s a way of making alcohol that eliminates 93 percent of the damage. In other words, you can drink 10 drinks that have the effect of one. Why wouldn’t you?

You wouldn’t because bureaucrats in the U.S. government prohibited us from telling you about it. But we’re fed up. We are telling you now. Bellion Vodka will save your liver.

Buy my book. You’ll understand.

Thanks. I love you.