Day: February 21, 2016

Jefferson City

My Letter to State Senator Dave Schatz

You might have heard that State Senator Dave Schatz gutted ethics reform in Missouri. According to Ryan Johnson of Missouri Alliance for Freedom: Cleaning up the practice of Jefferson City’s revolving door is the reason for Rep. Caleb Rowden’s House Bill 1979 (carried in the Senate by Sen. Bob Onder). It puts in place a one year …

2016 Election, Trump

Ted Cruz’s ultimate strategy

Ted Cruz has a powerful strategy available to him. This strategy could not only determine the winner of the Republican convention but put Cruz in position to influence policy for generations. But it’s probably not what you’re thinking. I’m going to lay out some assumptions, many of which you could disagree with. That’s okay. But …

2016 Election, Trump

Trump’s South Carolina win was impressive

I got tire of scrolling. Politico shows the results of each county in South Carolina, my state of residence from 1985 to 1992. Abbeville: Trump Aiken: Trump Allendale: Trump Anderson: Trump Bamberg: Trump Barnwell: Trump Beaufort: Trump Berkeley: Trump It goes on and on and on. Donald Trump not only won the geography, he won the …