February 19, 2016

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I'm with Apple

The government wants Apple to build a back door into the iPhone. Apple has refused.

I’m with Apple on this one.

This back door would allow the FBI to access the content of the San Bernardino terrorists’ phone, possibly exposing more terrorists. That would be a good thing.

But Apple never built a back door to the iPhone because no one can control the keys to such portals. If Apple builds it, every government spy agency in the world will be able to read your texts, see where you’ve been, and listen to your phone calls. Every government and many hackers will access each of your bank accounts, credit card numbers, everything.

The government says you can trust it with your most sensitive information. But who trusts the government? Hillary Clinton transferred top secret information to a server in her bedroom. And she could be our next president. The United States government lost everything Edward Snowden released. The government is subject to hackers and crackers, too.

The only safe back door is no back door. While I want to find and kill all the terrorists as much as the next guy, I also want a phone and a laptop that the government—ours, North Korea’s, and Russia’s—cannot hack into.

And** I do not trust the government.**