February 15, 2016

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Proud to stand with veterans supporting Eric Greitens

Today I learned that I am not alone. I am not alone in my anger over a morally-bankrupt attempt to smear a great leader. And I learned that I am not alone in recognizing Eric Greitens’s singular ability to inspire and lead.

I also learned that Eric Greitens has some really stupid opponents. Cowardly, stupid weasels. Cowardly because Greitens’s opponents funded, produced, and promoted an anonymous video, packed with lies. Stupid because that video so infuriated Missouri’s 500,000 military veterans that Greitens is picking up new supporters. And his many existing supporters have upped our commitment to getting Greitens elected. Even Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, an opponent in the race for governor, courageously expressed his outrage over the disgraceful video.

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Some of the 50 veterans who came out to support Eric Greitens at his campaign office in Crestwood on February 15, 2016[/caption]More than 50 veterans stood in formation to salute the former Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander at his west county campaign office this afternoon. I stood at attention and saluted the Bronze Star recipient along with veterans whose service was as distant as World War II and as recent as last year. It was the first time I’ve been called to attention to render a hand salute since 1996. I felt awkward and out of practice, but so proud of my fellow veterans, especially fellow veteran Eric Greitens.

The degenerate cowards who produced the promoted the video on social media deserve the scorn we reserve for traitors. And they will get that scorn from America’s military veterans, their families, an their friends.

Unlike the weaselly video promoters, we proudly state our names and our allegiances. Unlike the weaselly video promoters, we show our faces to the media, to voters, and to the public. Unlike the weaselly video producers, we want the world to know who we are and where we stand.

Eric Greitens earned my support for governor precisely because of his commitment to shine the light of truth on the cowardly, corrupt Missouri politicians, consultants, and special interests who live in the shadows and slither on their bellies. Missouri needs Governor Greitens to make the weasels' lives living hells. Whoever you are, we will find you, we will expose you. You cannot hide in the shadows forever.

Today, the thousands of veterans who spit nails in anger over the cowardly video learned we are not alone. And Team Greitens is only stronger and larger because of that failed attempt to denigrate a great leader.