Day: February 1, 2016

2016 Election, Trump

The biggest shock in Iowa

Ted Cruz

The polls were wrong. But that wasn’t the biggest shock. The big shock was  . . . who was that guy pretending to be Donald Trump? Millions and millions of people waited to watch The Donald melt down after finishing second behind Ted Cruz. But it didn’t happen. Instead, Trump managed to show humility and …

2016 Election, Trump

What if high turnout in Iowa means something else

Reports on Twitter say turnout in Iowa very high. Some caucuses are reportedly running out of ballots. Huge turnout! #IowaCaucus — Jake Putala (@JakePutala) February 2, 2016 The view at Dubuque’s 19th precinct. We had to move to an auditorium to accommodate the large turnout. #IowaCaucus — Chris Lammer-Heindel (@lammerheindel) February 2, 2016 HUGE …

White House

Do we owe Obama an apology?

Imaginations can run wild in the affinity bubble. I was in Washington, DC, over the weekend when it dawned on me that we on the right were probably wrong about Obama’s thirst for dictatorial power. Or maybe we were right, but seven years of near-dictatorial power have exhausted the would-be autocrat. He certain looks worn …