January 28, 2016

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Trump won the Fox News debate

Yes, you can win a contest before it starts.

I gotta tell ya, the people at Fox News are stupid. Dumb. Ignorant. Pliable. Oafish. Any word you want you to use that means cognitively challenged (for the politically correct).

But the Fox News morons have a lot of company at National Review.

Trump is playing these media elites like a fiddle.

When The Donald says “dance,” they dance. When he says “cower,” they cower. When he says “bitch and moan,” they bitch and moan.

Yesterday Trump told Roger Ailes and his trained monkeys to devote 100 percent of their broadcast day to Donald Trump.

And Fox complied.

There’s only one story on Fox News: Donald Trump.

Free media. Blocked opponents.

Poor Ted Cruz is out there challenging Trump to a one-on-one debate. Cruz’s fans think it’s a sign of toughness.

Boxing fans know it’s a loser’s gambit. When you challenge someone, you admit you’re the challenger, the left-behind, the also-ran, the wanna-be.

(Before you embarrass yourself in the comments, by definition someone who challenges someone else is by definition the challenger.)

While Fox News carries a debate of undercard wannabes, The Donald will be raising money for wounded veterans and tweeting nasty insults about the debaters.

And the next day, you will see only the nasty tweets. And the wounded veterans. And you will hear only The Donald’s narrative.

Fox News is Trump’s bitch. Fox is the bottom. And not even a power bottom.

Look, folks, I’ve told you I don’t intend to vote for Trump. I’m still a Carson guy. But I’ve been warning you for years.

I told you that you were reading the wrong books years ago. I gave you a list of books to read. It wasn’t complete–it wasn’t perfect. But it pointed you in the direction to victory.

The comments under that post argued with me. I was wrong. I was a lefty.

Well, Trump was reading the books I was reading. Or he innately got what those books taught.

While you were reading the 5000 Year Leap, Donald Trump was plotting your self-destruction.

Fox News and National Review bent over and presented themselves to The Donald.

And I’m not alone in thinking so. From the left, right, and center, people who study media, people, and psychology agree:

Rush Limbaugh: Stunned that Fox News acts like she was “jilted at the altar."

Ira Stoll: Glenn Beck faults Trump for supporting the bank bailouts that National Review supported

Charles Hurt: Beware the latest nasty virus sweeping the East Coast

I could go on, but why? Donald Trump didn’t destroy the conservative coalition; conservatives did. You didn’t read the right books, you didn’t develop the right skills, and you didn’t look in the mirror enough.

If Donald Trump is a monster, the conservative movement–tea party included–is Dr. Frankenstein.

As my wife says: own it.