How Missourians can access military bases after January 10

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Need to visit a federal building or military base after January 10? Your Missouri DL won’t work by itself.

If you have a Missouri drivers license or ID card but you do not have a passport or military ID, bring your Social Security card or your birth certificate.

That’s the word I got from Navy Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes.

The Department of Homeland Security informed Missouri last week that our state’s drivers licenses and ID cards will no longer serve as identification at federal agencies after January 10, 2016. DHS advises Missouri residents to obtain a passport instead. Missouri law prohibits the state from complying with certain aspects of the REAL ID law passed by Congress following 9/11.

The problem with passports: passports take at least three weeks to process, even if you request expedited processing. If you need to enter a federal building or non-secure areas of a military base in the next three weeks, a passport won’t help.

The DHS ruling could apply to commercial air travel in the future, but for now, you can fly with just your Missouri drivers license.

If you know more about accessing federal buildings and bases, please share in the comments.

Here’s what Missouri officials are sayingย about the DHS ruling.