Day: December 31, 2015


2016 Could Be a Very Bad Year

People act according to what they expect. And that, my friends, could be very bad news for the economy in 2016. Social psychologists and usability experts both know that people’s words often conflict with their actions. This is especially true when asking people to predict their own behavior in a hypothetical. For example, one study …


How Missourians can access military bases after January 10

Need to visit a federal building or military base after January 10? Your Missouri DL won’t work by itself. If you have a Missouri drivers license or ID card but you do not have a passport or military ID, bring your Social Security card or your birth certificate. That’s the word I got from Navy …


Here’s Why New York Drops the Ball at Midnight

Once upon a time, in the days of sundials and pendulum clocks, people needed a way to¬†agree on the time. For instance, if my watch says 11:13 and your watch says 1:32, who’s right? One way to coordinate time in a city or a sea port was a time ball placed somewhere highly visible. People …