Why Did the Pritzkers Donate to Greitens?

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A couple weeks ago, the blog Progressives Today ran an attack piece on Eric Greitens for two of his donors (link). The piece generated of lot angst and fury on the right side of social media.

**Turns out the story was pretty shoddy journalism. **

Progressives Today didn’t bother to look at the Pritzkers' other donations or the military museum they founded. If they had, they’d know that Jennifer N. Pritzker (formerly James N. Pritzker) of Chicago distributes donations pretty equally between parties, while Jennifer’s cousin Anthony Pritzker donates freely and exclusively to Republicans, at least since 2012.

[caption width=“778” id=“attachment_17844” align=“alignnone”]

Screenshot 2015-12-29 17.41.35.png
Election Cycle 2016 Donations of Jennifer N. Pritzker of Chicago, IL via CampaignMoney[/caption]
Screenshot 2015-12-29 17.42.11.png

Election Cycle 2016 Donation of Anthony Pritzker of Santa Monica, CA via [CampaignMoney](https://www.campaignmoney.com/advanced.asp?pg=2&searchtype=contributors&cycle1=16&lname=Pritzker&fname=&work=&occup=&zipcodes=&fdate=&tdate=&state=&cycle2=16&cmtetype=&cmtename=&cmteorg=&igc=&cmteparty=&cycle3=16&cndoffice=&cndtype=&cndlname=&cndfname=&cndstate=&cndparty=&orderby=&reccnt=83&recamt=1004123)

While I’m not too hip on some of the Republicans on the list, **this is not the campaign contribution list of a “clear leftist agenda” as the blog states. **

Moreover, Jennifer Pritzker does a lot of work preserving military history, artifacts, and sites. The Pritzker Military Museum and Library in Chicago is one example.

While we’re at it, the Tawani Foundation looks pretty hardcore pro-military, too.

The Progressives Today blogger asked this question:

Why would a family with a clear leftist agenda fund a “Conservative” and why any “Conservative” accept their money?

Based on the Pritzkers' work in preserving military history and supporting citizen soldiers, it makes perfect sense that they would support the political campaign of a famous Navy SEAL who founded a remarkable veterans organization. Eric Greitens sort of fits the mold of “citizen soldier” to a T.

Likewise, being a generous Republican donor, it makes sense that Anthony Pritzker would support Republican Eric Greitens.

Why would Greitens accept donations from pro-military, Republican donors?

Hell, why wouldn’t he?