November 19, 2015

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It’s time for Democrats to abandon Obama

In the war on terror, you’re on our side or theirs.

Barack Obama announced that he will veto any attempt by Congress to require background checks of Syrian refugees in an attempt to weed out ISIS terrorists. The President’s allegiances are now clear.

I heard Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) say that we must ensure proper screening in the wake of last Friday’s Islamic terrorist attack in Paris.

The House of Representatives is working on legislation to do just that: increase the likelihood that we will catch terrorist infiltraters before they reach American soil.

But Barack Obama wants none of it.

Barack Obama wants the floodgates open.

Barack **Obama has allegiances **the American people, our traditions, and our institutions do not share.

It’s time for responsible Democrats to choose sides. Ours or theirs. America’s or his.

We are not on Obama’s side, and he he is not on ours.