How to Sell Conservative Principles

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Live Your Why simon sinek Start With Why

If you’re still asking “why bother?” read this.

If you still believe conservatism is an economic theory, read this.

If you’re ready to [olympus_highlight color=“yellow”]create a transformational social movement that improves lives[/olympus_highlight] by providing every America with the dignity of meaningful work and the freedom to pursue happiness, watch this video. It’s Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk about his then-new book, Start With Why, and it’s the most powerful idea I’ve discovered in recent years.

This is exactly what Arthur C. Brooks talks about in The Conservative Heart. [olympus_highlight color=“yellow”]People don’t buy what you make; they buy why you make it[/olympus_highlight].

If this video seemed familiar, I’ve blogged about it before.

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