A Day of Hope, Prayer, and Clean-up in Ferguson

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Dellena Jones’s 911 Hair Salon was attacked at about 11:15 PM by a small band of young men. The break-in and robbery occurred close to the time of the first shooting. The hair salon is less than 100 yards from the scene of the shooting.

But that didn’t stop volunteers from St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and friends from helping.

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Volunteers pose for a picture after helping clean and repair 911 Hair Salon in Ferguson. Photo by Dottie Bailey
Volunteers pose for a picture after helping clean and repair 911 Hair Salon in Ferguson. Photo by Dottie Bailey[/caption]

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has been helping raise awareness and funds for Dellena since last year’s rioting. The store sustained thousands in damage in 2014, but that pales in comparison to the loss of income as patrons avoid the battle-scarred stretch of W. Florissant Avenue that 911 Hair Salon has occupied for over thirteen years.

“My business is down about seventy-five percent,” Dellena told Dottie Bailey of St. Louis Tea Party. “Between the slow business and damages, I’m out about $75,000.”

Today, several members of the tea party helped Dellena clean up and repair damage done last night. Mark Herr travelled here from Tennessee to conduct training for his organization, The Center for Self-Governance. Herr spent the day offering protection and help with the clean-up.

“People can help free enterprise overcome criminal behavior,” said Dottie Bailey. “Dellena needs donations desperately—to repair the shop, to remodel a bit, and to hire employees so the the customers come back.” [olympus_box color=“green” text-align=“left”]Dottie has set up a Go Fund Me project to help. https://www.gofundme.com/911hairsalonferg


Leading the initiative from St. Louis Tea Party was Dottie Bailey. Dottie has been the driving force behind the tea party’s efforts in Ferguson since last August. Ben Evans of St Louis Tea Party also helped.

Members of The Billy Graham Crusade assisted in the clean-up and repair as well. They began with a prayer for Dellena, for Ferguson, and for the community.

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Billy Graham Crusaders praying for Dellena with volunteers. Photo credit: Dottie Bailey[/caption]As evening descended, small groups of young man began assembling just outside the salon door. “Many caring folks were here today,” said Ms. Bailey, “and a barrage of media. But we did notice the thugs starting to scope out the place.”

With your help, hope and opportunity will overcome fear, violence, and doubt.

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