August 8, 2015

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We Deserve Better

I should have gone to bed.

I wanted to finish a great book called The Conservative Heart by Arthur C. Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute. The book left me feeling happy, proud, and inspired.

I should have gone to bed as soon as I finished the book. But the feeling of having read something wonderful wanted to linger, so I sat with it for a bit. Then I really screwed up.

Facebook. Twitter. Donald Trump, of course.

Donald Trump told a reporter that Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her eyes and “her wherever."

No, I’m not making this up.

Because of this, Erick Erickson rescinded Trump’s invitation to speak at Red State Gathering on Saturday. Instead of acting like a gentleman, Trump attacked Erickson. Blamed it on political correctness and weakness.

No, Mr. Trump. Your problem is not political correctness. Your problem is that you are behaving like a buffoon. You may be a rich buffoon. You can take solace in that. History is littered with rich buffoons who left the world worse than they found it.

This is how Mr. Trump treats humanity. From his book Trump: How to Get Rich:

For many years I’ve said that if someone screws you, screw them back. When somebody hurts you, just go after them as viciously and as violently as you can.

So we know his nature.

A country reflects its national leaders, just as leaders carry the DNA of their country. Do we really want to live in a country where people “go after them as viciously and as violently as you can?” For slight offenses like asking questions in a debate? Or rescinding an invitation?

Look, I realize that a lot of good people got fired up about Trump. And it’s painful to see the guy they picked go up in flames. But it’s time to stop defending him. It’s time to stop making excuses for him. It’s time to stop blaming the media for Donald Trump’s infinite rudeness.

I posted this statement on Facebook:

America deserves and should expect a president who epitomizes our highest standards. We all have flaws, of course, but our head of government and head of state should be a lady or gentleman, not a thin-skinned, jerk.

Mr. Trump had problems before the debate. His performance in the debate made a mockery of the process. His behavior since the debate has been abominable.

I realize that some people still defend him, even to the point of blaming the ‘hostile’ press for Trump’s boorish behavior. It’s human nature to defend our positions, even when those positions are clearly beyond hope.

Mr. Trump is beyond hope as a presidential candidate. I hope my friends who have championed his cause will quickly sober up and quietly find a worthy object for their political affection. He is not worthy.

I hope this post and my review of the debate will be my last mention of Donald Trump until he demonstrates the minimum level of civility and decorum America expects and demands from our national leaders.


  1. I moderated “buffoon” with “behaving like.” I don’t know that Trump is a buffoon, only that is behaving like one.

  2. Some folks have pointed out that I’ve had disagreements with Erick Erickson in the past. True. It’s possible for reasonable people to agree on some things and disagree on others. I try to recognize the fundamental attribution error, even in myself.