August 7, 2015

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Enjoy Your Weekend More

Conservatism blesses the world.

Our principles dignify people with work that** produces value**. We leave them **free to pursue happiness**, which includes their work, their leisure, their learning, and their families.

Our cause is moral and spiritual, not economic. We want everyone to experience and benefit from meaningful work because work provides people with self-esteem and satisfaction. Work is not punishment; it’s a blessing.

We do oppose things, but only those things that threaten to degrade human beings by denying them the dignity and benefits of working and living their own lives.

We advance principles that undeniably improve human lives. Economics, politics, finance, and culture issues are only tools and measures of our quest to liberate people to live the best lives they can.

What we do is noble and virtuous. We should all remind ourselves every day that the work we do lifts up humanity. Not many people can say that.

As you begin to relax this weekend remember that you have done work that improved real human lives. And if no one else thanks you, I will.