August 6, 2015

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Readers Overwhelmingly Believe in a Service Ethic

Readers of this blog believe a stronger service ethic would make America a stronger country, but no one wants the federal government involved. And 95 percent of respondents agree that performing service benefits the volunteer as much or more as it benefits the recipients of the work.

Those are the key finding from last week’s poll on service. Specifically, 82 percent agree with the statement “A strong service ethic would make America stronger.” When asked which level of government is best suited to manage volunteer service programs, 64 percent favored no government, 32 percent said state government, and 5 percent chose county or municipal government. Federal government scored a fat zero.

Only 32 percent of respondents have served in the US military at some point in their lives, but 73 percent have performed non-military volunteer service. Only 3 percent have never volunteered for anything.

Of those who disagree that a service ethic would strengthen America, all answered “never served” to the question in military service, and one answered “never served” to the question on voluntary service.

You can see the full report here.

EBook on National Service

My 5-part series on national service is available as a free ebook.

This Week’s Poll

This week’s poll looks at the characteristics you believe are most important in candidates for US President and Missouri Governor.

Last week, St. Louis Tea Party Coalition conducted a controlled survey of members, and yesterday I compared those results to a national poll conducted by Fox News.

Tonight is the first Republican presidential debate. I’ll have comments on Friday.

Note: I originally posted this on 06 August, but gremlins in the WordPress machine gobbled it up and spat into the trash bin. I found it on 08 August and reposted. Sorry if you clicked on a bad link.