The Corner Prosperity Is Just Around Is Miles From Where We’re Standing

William Hennessy: Psychopomps are carriers of the dead, but they carry them to their afterlife.

Dottie Bailey: Cool!!

William Hennessy: We are in that phase of history. The 20th century is dying, or dead

Dottie Bailey: Makes me sad though.

William Hennessy: Everything that we called “normal” for all our lives lies listless in the beaks of sparrows—psychopomps—on their way to a new birth.

That rebirth won’t happen for another 5 to 10 years. So this is purgatory for America. We’re being cleansed of our 20th century sins

Dottie Bailey: So we have not that much time.

William Hennessy: These 5 years will seem like an eternity. The worst years since the Depression and WWII.

Dottie Bailey: I know that is what I’m afraid of. I know it’s coming. Will Greece happen here?

William Hennessy: People my age who witnessed the 60s and 70s will look back on those “upheavals” with fondness. They seemed so dramatic at the time, but they were vacation compared to what’s to come.

No. We’re not that lucky. Greece will get through this relatively unscathed.

They went first. If they vote No Sunday, they’ll have been the first to dive into the abyss that separates the 20th century from the future.

Dottie Bailey: It’s Revelation playing out. Damn I thought we were suppose to be gone.

William Hennessy: No. We have front-row seats

Dottie Bailey: Oy vey.

William Hennessy: Did you read David Stockman’s post on Greece? It’s awesome.

Dottie Bailey: No I’ll have to look it up.

Is this in the 4th Turning book…the whole depression thing?

William Hennessy: Yes. But it’s not depressing. It’s life. It’s how it works. And as Fr. Corapi liked to say, “we know how it ends; the good guys win.”

Dottie Bailey: No I mean “the depression” like 1929?

William Hennessy: Oh. Sort of. It will be different. But there will be a climax to the Crisis The Crisis started with Lehman Brothers in 2008 It will end 15 to 20 years later All of the “green shoots” in between are wishful thinking, but don’t hate the wishful—it’s human nature And the climax MUST happen so we can move on.

Dottie Bailey: I’m a green shoot sometimes;)

Climax is another word for reset?

William Hennessy: Not exactly. The climax of the last Crisis was WWII. The Depression was the bulk of the Crisis 10 years of Depression + 5 years of world war.

Dottie Bailey: That is Revelation

William Hennessy: After came the the High—18 years of hope and optimism and growth.

Then Kennedy was killed, and the culture became very spiritual and questioning, seeking broader understanding.

Awakening from the Stepford Wives world we’d been in since Japan surrendered

That lasted until Reagan’s re-election in 1984.

Then we started getting cynical and nasty. The mood darkened. As Howe and Strauss put it, despite remarkable peace and prosperity, we felt like society was unraveling.

Gen X came of age, adopting the freedom of their older Boomer siblings and the hard edge of their WWII parents and grandparents That ended with the fall of Lehman Brothers because us Xers turned out to be right: it was all screwed up, but we’re tough enough of deal with it. And we probably deserved it.

Dottie Bailey: This is great. Keep going

William Hennessy: But it gets really bad. People always think prosperity is just around the corner. In America, it usually is.

But sometimes, it’s miles away.

This is one of those times.

Like 1938 and 1860 and 1776.

Dottie Bailey: Geez

William Hennessy: In each of those years, we thought the worst was over. But the worst was just ahead.

Dottie Bailey: Sooo true.

William Hennessy: This is why novels are way better preparation for life than history. Historians never catch the mood of the time, the false optimism.

Viktor Frankl saw it in the concentration camps. The people who thought liberation was just around the corner all died.

Dottie Bailey: Jesus.

William Hennessy: The ones who lived to make life a little better that day, accepting that that day might be their last chance to make something better—they lived. Some of them, anyway.

Dottie Bailey: Like the POW in Greitens book. He accepted what was happening and it gave him hope. He didn’t fool himself.

William Hennessy: Exactly. James Stockdale.

Dottie Bailey: Yes, Stockdale!!

William Hennessy: If I were honest, this is what I’d blog—what I just wrote. Because this is what I really believe will happen in the next 5-10 years. But I don’t have the guts.

Note: This a very lightly edited text message conversation.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

5 Comments on “The Corner Prosperity Is Just Around Is Miles From Where We’re Standing

  1. We are not Miles from the solution…Most of the solution is obeying the law.. That is government obeying the law.
    For the people to “violate the law”, you must have violated a legitimate law AND harmed someone
    For the government to “violate the law”, they just need to refuse to obey the law when called on it.

    For instance:
    Fiscal success – eliminate all frivolous regulations, state license for hair weavers, no felons for tattoo parlors, and illegal search and seizure of property when the cities of St Louis require you submit to a general search when you sell or rent your property (violates US Constitution).

    This encourages opening and growth of small businesses, which drive the local and national economy. It increases tax revenue without increasing taxes. It creates jobs, and spurs the economy.

    Frivolous municipal violations and inspections:
    removes discretionary income and even base expense income from those on the borderline denying them to enjoyment of the gains of their own industry (Constitution says these cities “fail in their chief design”) Helps create a market where there are many vacant houses, ripe for vandalism and lowers values in the neighbourhood…thus decreasing tax revenues.

  2. Relax kids, worse things could happen and probably will and you will come through it because of who you are. You have brains and grits and a will to survive. I have seen and experienced worse. Total collapse of the government structure – no food, no money, no law and you are totally on your own. My mother’s house became an island for us – people from the farthest corners of the 3rd Reich thrown together and totally dependent on each other. And we survived and we coped and at the end of tunnel the American GI’s were our salvation. Lets hope some American tribe will be at the end of your tribulations.

  3. As usual it takes me several days to digest a discourse with you Hennessy!

    About 15 years ago a great mentor of mine said to me…”you all are born for a time such as this, God makes no mistakes”. Huh..what..??? At that time in my early 20’s I was worried more about my hair and make-up than anything of substance…and I think I had been out that whole night before. I had no idea what she was talking about… And back then I was so immature… I could barely handle a break up with a loser boyfriend.

    Like anyone that has lived on planet earth life moves forward and you figuratively fall down a couple flights of stairs and things happen. I’ve lost a child, have a failed marriage, have had business success and failure and learned some reallllly hard lessons. But like iron is refined by fire, so it is with many life lessons if you can make it through with your brain, humor and common sense still in tact (and my 3 inch heels).

    I see now what my mentor many years ago was talking about. For lack of a better term, when the proverbial crap hits the fan…we won’t run, cry and hide. So many people have made it through really hard times, those are usually the most kind, loving and generous people….not to mention the most interesting and won’t bore you to tears w/ stories about their vacations to Mexico.

    Like our friend Dellena, in Ferguson, that had her Hair Salon tore up in the riots of last August has picked herself up and is now on the Ferguson Civilian Task Force and educating others on virtues of Self Governance. She is a prize of a human being and the will and attitude of a hero.

    So are we ready to endure, we shall see? But I’m sticking with the flawed, imperfect folks who have been through battles….hey, like you Hennessy! ;)

    And ‘yes’ I will probably always be a Green Shoot:) –I was born w/ a Sunny Disposition!

    Wait…did you call me a psycho?

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