June 23, 2015

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Charleston, South Carolina

Limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the other tea party principles are not ends. They were never ends. Tea party principles are merely the most effective and efficient means to nobler ends

Those ends include a society and a nation that respects and protects life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Without life, of what use are the others?

Just as we speak out when “government becomes destructive of these ends,” so we must speak out when misguided and deranged individuals pervert those principles—or any principles—to their own illegitimate and murderous ends.

When a hateful psychopath murders nine Christians gathered in God’s name, we cry for justice with their loved ones, we pray for their rapid entry into paradise, and we look past our means to our ends, always on these ends.

I have no solution to violence. People killed each other before gunpowder, and they’ll kill each if we melt all the guns.

I have no solution to racism. People hated “different” people before humanoids wandered out of Africa, and they’ll hate “different” people if we all meld into one homoginous race.

I have no solutions for anyone but myself. I pray for Charleston, for the victims, for our nation, and, though I don’t want to, for the man whose perverted sense of justice caused so much pain.