May 7, 2015

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The Lazy Person's Cure for Herpes Ex-Im

Every six months.

Just when you can you least afford it.

It happens.

A breakout.

It’s Herpes Ex-Im, a cronyism disease that can make the prettiest economic system look sick.

Herpes Ex-Im is a virus that attacks your economy’s competitive system, resulting ugly blemishes. Even your lover won’t want to kiss you.

But there’s a cure.

**Left untreated by Congress, Herpes Ex-Im will die. **

The free-market system has built-in defenses against crony diseases like Herpes Ex-Im. Certain behaviors, like Congressional action, can compromise your economy’s immune system, allowing Herpes Ex-Im to spread.

The good news **Congress can cure this ugly, painful disease by doing what Congress does best: nothing. **

If Congress ignores the Export-Import Bank, it will die in June.

Write your member of Congress and Senators. Ask them to ignore the Export-Import Bank reauthorization and let the free market destroy the virus known as Herpes Ex-Im.