March 20, 2015

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Will the Left Fund a Campaign to "Fix" Missouri? **UPDATE**

Updated with new information

Leftist donors flooded Texas with money for two years.

Wendy Davis was the poster-child in 2014, but she was only a candidate of convenience. Leftists know that turning Texas purple would mean leftist domination in America. In 2013 “purple Texas” was all the talk. From Huffington Post:

Last week, Politico reported that national Democrats are creating a “large-scale independent group” aimed at turning Texas into a legitimate electoral battleground.

This is no mere pipe dream. It’s eminently doable.

Why would Missouri attract some of that fire?

Because Missouri got the left’s attention. First, there’s the problem with municipal courts. Next came the problem of the GOP’s whisper campaign against Tom Schweich.

Schweich told friends that John Hancock was telling people Schweich was Jewish while Hancock worked for Schweich’s GOP gubernatorial rival (and establishment darling) Catherine Hanaway. The story broke the day Schweich died.

After Schweich’s suicide, the Missouri GOP establishment circled the wagons around the alleged mastermind of that whisper campaign, state party chairman John Hancock. Hancock went on the offensive, boasting that not a single person came forward to corroborate Schweich’s story.

Hancock’s last line of defense fell today

David Lieb, the AP reporter who broke the story of Schweich’s allegations against Hancock, reports that a Republican donor has stepped forward to corroborate Scheich’s story.

Republican businessman and donor David Humphreys released a signed affidavit saying Republican consultant John Hancock, who later was elected head of the party, told him on Nov. 24 that Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich was Jewish.

Hancock effectively called David Humphreys a liar. Hancock’s other option would be to resign.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (via that Paul Mouton, who attended the November 24 meeting with Hancock an Humphreys, says he did not hear Hancock mention that Schweich is Jewish.

Why Would the Left Target Missouri?

Missouri flummoxes politicos. We elected a veto-proof Republican legislature and a reform-proof Democrat administration. In 2008, Obama came within an eyelash of winning the state, but in 2012 Romney walked away with Missouri in a laugher. While our 10 Electoral votes don’t compare with Texas’s 38, the race 270 means every vote is precious. And when it comes to statewide races, Missouri is purple.

Further, because Missouri has fewer voters than Lone Star state, the left could reason that a dollar goes farther in the here than in Texas.

So don’t be surprised if the Soros crowd pours money to “fix” Missouri. After all, the Missouri Republican establishment shows no intention of fixing itself. It won’t even acknowledge the problem.

My solution? Elect a governor who rides above the slime of Missouri politics. If he runs, I’m supporting Eric Greitens. I have no need to whisper.