Missouri Deserves Better

Hancock, who is a political consultant, said he held meetings last fall with prospective donors for a project to register Catholic voters. Hancock said that if he had mentioned that Schweich was Jewish, it would have been in the context that Hanaway was Catholic but that was no indication of how Catholics were likely to vote.

Those circling the wagons around John Hancock: woe betide you. God forgive you. Your days are numbered.

The Lesson

It’s so much easier for cowards like me now that Senator Danforth has said it. Words can kill.

Words can kill.

And they do.

That quote above comes from this article by AP reporter David Lieb. Lieb’s story exposes a sad episode that preceded Auditor Tom Schweich’s death.

Before his death, Schweich contacted Tony Messenger of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and David Lieb of the Associated Press. Schweich planned to hold a press conference in the afternoon to expose anti-Semitic fundraising tactics of Missouri Republican Chairman John Hancock.

While Hancock denies being anti-Semitic, he does not deny using Schweich’s Jewish heritage in conversations about getting Catholics to register. Based on the Lieb paragraph above, it’s clear Hancock hoped that Catholics–or potential donors to projects intended to register Catholics to vote–would support the Catholic Hanaway over Schweich. Hancock admits that, at the time, he incorrectly believed Tom Schweich was Jewish.

Hancock insists he is not anti-Semitic. For the record, I believe him. I don’t think John Hancock is an anti-Semite. But John Hancock clearly used other people’s anti-Semitism to raise money for a Catholic candidate. How cynical.

Again for the record, I think it’s a good idea to register Catholics to vote. I also think it’s good and noble to remind Catholics their faith should instruct their votes, and their faith should derive from the teachings of the church. But it’s one thing to say “You should vote because you’re Catholic,” and another thing to say, “You should vote because you’re Catholic and the other guy’s a Jew.”

John Hancock and his defenders have earned our righteous contempt. Hancock’s defender–Danforth’s attackers–deserve the scorn we reserve for the lowest detritus of humanity.

I think we all know that John Hancock believes he used Tom Schweich’s Jewish ancestry as a fundraising point. For that reason I call on John Hancock to resign as chairman of the Missouri Republican Party immediately. I call on KMOX to remove him from the air. And I expect all decent people of Missouri to shun John Hancock until he repents.

I understand that Hancock’s cronies are saying “we can’t give in to the press.” Well, Hancock’s cronies are wretched, weak, cowardly people who hide behind anonymous organizations and evil, money-grubbing consultants. They lie and smear good people because they can’t win an argument on the merits.

Missouri deserves better. Missouri should listen to Jack Danforth.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

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  1. John had an affair with his secretary/assistant, while being married to his wife. John proved he can not be trusted. He chose infidelity over loyalty, deception over truth and power over character. John is only interested in power and money. Character and integrity no longer guide John’s decision making process. Therefore he should step down as MoGOP chairman.

    1. Yes he did and a lot of people helped him cover it up including his wife. That makes him a hypocrite and a jerk, not an anti-Semite. It also doesn’t make the story surrounding tom schweichs suicide make any sense at all. Nor does it make claims of suddenly discovering in 2016 that politics is rough remotely believable. Try the Wikipedia entries under Tom eagleton or Monica’s blue and stained dress or the porn movie about Sarah Palin or the political ads from dick gebhardts campaigns in the 80s. If people are concerned about Hancock being the party head why not just pursue that and leave Tim schweich out of it. As for danforth, what a disservice he did the schweich family by implying if they had done something about the bullying or supported him more in fighting it their famiky member would still be alive. It must be difficult to have ur spiritual advisor tell you to second guess your behavior.

    2. Ellen, as danforth said, words can hurt. Have you asked the woman involved if you can put this in the public arena? Can you prove your allegation or is this another example of personal destruction? Sometimes we wake up and find we have become what we hate. Don’t let it happen to u.

  2. We don’t have the First Amendment so we can talk about the weather. Free people need free expression; though we do have legal concepts like libel in our statutes. The GOP should be encouraging the expression of ideas, rather than suggesting that speech is crime. Once you arrive at that point, it’s only a short distance to the place where thought becomes crime.

    Christians should always remember the Golden Rule, and “love their neighbors as themselves.” I’m sure we could agree on that.

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