Allman in the Mourning

I hear that Jamie Allman ripped into Senator John Danforth yesterday.

Allman called Danforth a failure and a thug. According to Allman, Danforth’s sin was defending a friend against lies, defending a people against centuries-old hate.

I guess Jamie Allman and his handlers like lies and hate.

I’d hate to be Jamie Allman on judgement day.

Just sayin’.

Mourning for Jamie’s soul.



Author: William Hennessy

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5 Comments on “Allman in the Mourning

  1. Now I am very glad that I don’t wake up early enough to listen to this 97.1 show. I never clicked with Allman anyway. I heard part of Senator Danforth’s eulogy for Tom and was deeply moved by his honesty. Let the truth be told.

  2. I thought Danforth s comments in the 2nd part of his homily were better suited for a press conference than a funeral.

    Threw me off all day. Needed to be addressed. And it obviously had impact. But it felt very odd and out if place.

    I didn’t hear what alman said on this.

    1. Thanks. I believe Danforth felt the message fit the circumstances. As an ordained Episcopal priest, he is bound to try to right the listing souls before him. I admire his honesty.

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