Month: March 2015

2016 Election

This Guy Puts People to Work

Brett wanted to know more about Eric Greitens. Ben deferred to me to tell the Greitens story. I went through the usual, remarkable life of a man, eleven years my junior, a century my senior. I told him about Duke, boxing, Bosnia, Rwanda, Mother Teresa. I told him about boxing at Oxford and becoming a …


I Am a Coward (but I’m trying to get better)

chickens at roost

A critic is someone who enters the battlefield after the war is over and shoots the wounded. ― Murray Kempton Great leaders inspire thought and action. But their real value? Great leaders inspire action. Hard action. Uncomfortable action. I’m reading Resilience by Eric Greitens. I have already bought six copies of the book, and I’m sure …


Schools Don’t Need More Technology–They Need Less

I was on my high school’s board of education for a year. It was quite an honor, honestly, but I screwed it up. At the time, I was a software architect. They put me on the board as the technology guy. I was supposed to make the case for more funding for smart boards and …


You Are Entitled to Nothing

I know “House of Cards” character Frank Underwood is fictitious, malicious, and evil. But even an evil fictitious character can hit the nail on its head occasionally. We might not like his prescription, but he diagnoses America’s chief problem more concretely, more accurately, and more honestly than any American politician ever has. Ever. We’ve been crippled …

2016 Election

The GOP’s Sad New Whisper Campaign **UPDATE**

Do Not Push

Note: Updated to remove reference to Jeff Roe Poor Catherine Hanaway. Her shadowy operatives worked so hard to defeat Tom Schweich, but a new threat to Hanaway’s coronation emerged: Eric Greitens. (You can read all about Eric Greitens, here.) The GOP establishment’s inept, new whisper campaign against Greitens is so amateurish and sad it evokes the …

2016 Election

Will the Left Fund a Campaign to “Fix” Missouri? **UPDATE**

Updated with new information Leftist donors flooded Texas with money for two years. Wendy Davis was the poster-child in 2014, but she was only a candidate of convenience. Leftists know that turning Texas purple would mean leftist domination in America. In 2013 “purple Texas” was all the talk. From Huffington Post: Last week, Politico reported that national Democrats are creating …


How to Recruit Better Political Candidates

Let’s accept that people are lazy. I noticed no one rose to argue, so universal laziness is a given. When political consultants and parties recruit candidates, they do the lazy thing. They look for candidates who are easily electable. They want people who look good, speak well, shake hands like they’re still alive, and never made …


The Ridiculous Thing I Gave Up for Lent

“What did you give up for Lent?” Ever get that one? Like it’s something you’re supposed to post on your Facebook page. A very good priest I knew, Dom Oppenheimer, warned against revealing one’s Lenten sacrifice. “When you tell others what you gave up for Lent, you’re likely to feel some pride,” he explained. “But …


3 Questions. And I want some damn answers

What would happen if we if worked on: 1. stuff we could actually fix 2. stuff no one could complain about fixing 3. stuff we didn’t care who got credit for fixing? Next question: 1. Name one thing that needs fixing that meets all three criteria (and think of people you hate when answering question 2)