Boehner’s Purge

You might have noticed that my report on the Speaker election process lacked enthusiasm.

Now you know why.

Boehner is moving quickly to purge conservatives from all committees of meaning. He has vowed to cooperate with the White House and Democrats. He has vowed never to shut down government again, no matter how evil, onerous, or destructive of liberty government becomes.

Boehner has gone full native.

That’s a predictable outcome of a failed coup. The conspirators get whacked. Heads are rolling already: From Politco:

The removal of Florida Reps. Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent from Rules was meant as a clear demonstration that what Boehner and other party leaders accepted during the last Congress is no longer acceptable, not with the House’s biggest GOP majority in decades.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/boehner-allies-out-for-revenge-114007.html#ixzz3O6aDbCUJ

That’s right. With a majority this big, let’s give Obama everything he wants.

Here’s my favorite line from Politico:

Boehner’s allies have thirsted for this kind of action from the speaker, who say he’s let people walk all over him for too long and is too nice to people who are eager to stab him in the back.

Yeah. Like the President.

While we wait for the great GOP majority to destroy itself, half the Capitol, and the economy, let’s prepare for 2016.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

7 Comments on “Boehner’s Purge

  1. Gut-check time. In 2016 are we in it to win it or in it to WHINE it?

    I have heard conservatives everywhere, including on this post, state that they will “NEVER” vote for Wagner again but immediately qualify that statement with: “Of course I will never vote for her Democrat opponent either because…(fill in the reason here).”

    It’s time to rethink this strategy; it’s put up or shut up time if we really DO want conservative leadership in congress. Wagner is a numbers person, she is laughing at us all the way back to congress and will continue to do so. With her recent electoral victory margin she realizes taking our vote off the board to back a Libertarian, Constitution, Independent, or even a Green candidate in the general election is in no way a threat to her incumbency. The way to remove her, IF we are serious, is two pronged:

    A) Run a solid grass-roots liberty candidate against her in the primary. If that candidate wins, then fantastic – we have removed a leadership vote for Boehner in the House (he needs 218, so hold this thought…) whether our candidate wins or loses the general election.

    B) If our candidate is defeated in the primary by the establishment forces led by “Crusher” McConnell, Blunt, and the litany of establishment Republicans who banded together and recruited Democrat voters to help defeat Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi primary last year (http://www.senateconservatives.com/site/post/2670/thad-cochrans-senate-enablers), then our response with any teeth MUST be to SUPPORT ANN WAGNER’S DEMOCRAT OPPONENT IN 2016.

    As distasteful as this may seem to some, helping elect a Democrat to that seat in 2016 isn’t as bad as it appears at first blush. Here is why:

    1) WE didn’t cause this; Wagner did with her loyalty to Boehner rather than to her Missouri constituents and with her deceitful campaigning in her district.

    2) Unless we want to continue to get more of the same, we MUST view the 2016 House race as a fight for control of the leadership, NOT which party will control the House. With 247 members in the House the Republicans will need to lose 30 seats to lose control of the House. This will be next to impossible since the House seats are gerrymandered to protect the current incumbents. In fact, it is precisely BECAUSE of this gerrymander effect that Republican voters in districts like Wagner’s MO-2 should rise up to remove her even if it takes electing a Democrat to her seat – in addition to sending a strong message, if we are forced to replace Wagner with a Democrat in 2016, in 2018 it should be fairly easy to elect a Republican in this district and as a minimum we will have removed one of Boehner’s key chess pieces from the board since the rest of the Missouri delegation seems to follow Wagner’s lead.

    3) By the numbers:

    House seats held by Republicans: 247
    Seats needed for control of House: 218
    “Overage” of Republican seats: 29
    This is the total margin we have to play with, i.e. seats we could lose nationally and still have Republican control of the House

    House seats held by Republicans: 247
    2014 Grass-roots/Tea Party votes: 25
    2014 Establishment Republicans: 222
    Pro-Boehner votes to force coalition: 217
    Additional anti-Boehner votes required: 5
    5 more anti-Boehner votes would have forced a coalition leadership, whether they were from additional Democrats, additional liberty candidates, or…drum roll…establishment Republicans.

    With the current numbers, by removing 5 establishment Republicans and replacing them with EITHER grass-roots/Tea Party candidates OR Democrats, the House Republican establishment will be forced to come either to us or to the Democrats to form a leadership coalition. With an excess of 29 House Republicans, our 2016 focus should NOT be retaining or increasing House seats (as we will be told by the establishment we should do), but rather removing Boehner and forcing a coalition leadership to emerge with the grass roots. This is the classic “addition by subtraction” approach.

    Missouri currently has 6 establishment Republican representatives (“The Dirty Half-Dozen”) as evidenced by their Boehner-for-Leader votes and their 2013-2014 Heritage Action scores (http://www.heritageactionscorecard.com//state/state/mo) Wagner, Luetkemeyer, Hartzler, Long, Smith, and Graves. Removing 5 of these 6 and replacing them with EITHER grass-roots candidate or Democrats who would vote to reduce Boehner’s side of the ledger on the leadership vote below 218 would send shock waves throughout the Republican establishment, be a major victory for conservatism, and would put us on the map nationally; but it will require backing the Democrat in their district if they defeat our primary candidate.

    Do we have the political will and resolve to do this? Obama, Boehner, “Crusher McConnell”, Blunt, and the “Dirty Half-Dozen”, are all betting that we don’t. It comes back to the answer to the question I posed at the outset:

    In 2016 are we in it to win it or are we in it to WHINE it?

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