January 7, 2015

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Boehner's Purge

You might have noticed that my report on the Speaker election process lacked enthusiasm.

Now you know why.

Boehner is moving quickly to purge conservatives from all committees of meaning. He has vowed to cooperate with the White House and Democrats. He has vowed never to shut down government again, no matter how evil, onerous, or destructive of liberty government becomes.

Boehner has gone full native.

That’s a predictable outcome of a failed coup. The conspirators get whacked. Heads are rolling already: From Politco:

The removal of Florida Reps. Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent from Rules was meant as a clear demonstration that what Boehner and other party leaders accepted during the last Congress is no longer acceptable, not with the House’s biggest GOP majority in decades.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/boehner-allies-out-for-revenge-114007.html#ixzz3O6aDbCUJ

That’s right. With a majority this big, let’s give Obama everything he wants.

Here’s my favorite line from Politico:

Boehner’s allies have thirsted for this kind of action from the speaker, who say he’s let people walk all over him for too long and is too nice to people who are eager to stab him in the back.

Yeah. Like the President.

While we wait for the great GOP majority to destroy itself, half the Capitol, and the economy, let’s prepare for 2016.