Here's How a Mere Mortal Becomes Speaker of the House

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The geniuses at Heritage Action put together a fantastic brief explaining everything you need to know about the Speaker election process.

Check this out: Speaker Election Procedural Facts

For the record, I’d love to see the election go to a second, third, fourth, or ninety-fifth ballot. But I don’t expect Boehner to lose. And if Boehner should lose, Gohmert might not win. The winner will need a LOT of Republican votes, and Boehner supporters won’t vote for the guy who inserted himself into the race. (If you kill a don, you can’t be a don.)

So if Boehner fails to get 50% by a third or fourth ballot, expect him to drop and push another Establishment hack (Paul Ryan) who conservatives will jump to (Paul Ryan) even though he’s every bit the Establishment hack that Boehner is (Paul Ryan).

To sum up, yes, I love a good Congressional street brawl–ever since my C-SPAN marathon-watching days in the 80s. (“will the gentleman yield?")  But I don’t think dumping Boehner will give conservatives anything to cheer about. We’ll pound our chests and dare the world to marvel at our awesome tether ball skills, but we’ll end up right back where we began.

No, my friends, the Speaker’s gavel is not the promised land; it’s a flippin' gavel.

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