December 1, 2014

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How to Stop the Commies

It’s all a lie. 

It didn’t start that way. At first, the Mike Brown protesters were all about Mike Brown and people like him. But not anymore.

Even the New York Times admitted the protests in Mike Brown’s name are actually the Revolutionary Communist Party advancing Marxism. (The NYT pulled down the story on Sunday morning. I wouldn’t have linked it, anyway.)

I’m not a fan of stomping on someone else’s parade, even if I disagree with their cause. That’s why I’ve been quiet about the Mike Brown protests. Let them have their time.

But communists hijacked their time. I joined the US Navy’s submarine force for one purpose: destroy communism.

Now, communism is here in St. Louis County, and our wimpy politicians are afraid to act.

Here’s one solution you might like.

Let’s get 100 people to commit. Commit to doing your Christmas shopping ONLY at places targeted by the communists.

Commit to spending $100 at every mall, store, and shop where the phony “Mike Brown” protesters target.

Communists want to destroy free market capitalism. The best way to destroy their evil goals is to double down on what they hate: shopping.

They burned Ferguson and Dellwood. So shop Ferguson and Dellwood.

They disrupted West County mall and the Galleria. So shop there.

They shut down the Walmart in South County. So buy your groceries and hunting gear there. And your Christmas presents.

After you shop there,** take a picture of your receipt and send it to**  I’ll get it it to the store manager, and I’ll add up the totals.

Screw the damn communists. This is America. We kicked their asses once, and we’ll do it again.