November 5, 2014

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The Governors


Republicans were supposed to lose governor seats. Instead, they picked up nine or ten. That’s huge, because governors become presidents. Executive leadership is different from coalition “leadership,” and governors are real executives. Look for the GOP’s gubernatorial wins to play big roles in 2016 and 2020.

This Morning (New York Times):

Democrats seem to have their best shot in Florida, where the state’s former Republican governor, Charlie Crist, is running as a Democrat against the Republican incumbent, Rick Scott. The polls also show up-in-the-air races in Michigan and Wisconsin, where the Republican incumbents, Rick Snyder and Scott Walker, appear to hold nominal leads.

If the Republicans lose one or two of these races, it will complicate what might otherwise be an impressive performance for them in governors’ contests nationwide. Republican governors in competitive states have no business losing in what should be a good year for the party.

Tonight (Reuters):

Republican governors in Florida, Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin fended off Democratic challengers on Tuesday in four hard-fought contests that proved wrong predictions of punishment for incumbents over an uneven economy and fiscal problems.

Republicans also won back the governorships in three Democratic strongholds, Massachusetts, Maryland and President Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois, according to projections after polls closed in most of the United States.

Biggest winner: Chris Christie. At chairman of the Republican Governors Conference, Christie worked to raise money and campaign for both likely winners and for dark horses. They all won. Christie immediately became the frontrunner for President in 2012

Biggest losers:

  1. Barack Obama. The one campaign he worked on was his buddy’s in Maryland. Maryland’s as blue as a Marine’s dress pants, and Obama’s law school pal, Anthony Brown lost.That red stripe on those on those Marine dress pants got wide, fast.
  2. Abortion. Wendi Davis corralled a lot of Democrat cash in a race to make abortion an issue. She did. And she lost.Big:

Turns out the only late term abortion in Texas was Wendy Davis' campaign.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) November 5, 2014

  1. Hillary Clinton. Hillary campaigned for a dozen losers. I’ve said for two years I don’t think she’ll run for president. She’s a terrible campaigner, and she’s more powerful as king-maker. Now, she’s almost limited to that role.
  • BarackObama. Obama a two-time loser? Of course. Illinois elected Republican Bruce Rauner to end an embarrassing stretch for the Land of Lincoln. Obama’s home state (politically) is Illinois, where the President still enjoys a 50 percent approval rating. But Rauner beat incumbent Pat Quinn.

This election means the GOP nominee in 2016 will rise from the ranks of governor. Christie has the best shot. But don’t count out Scott Walker.

Tomorrow, I’ll write my thoughts on what tonight’s election means to Obama’s legacy. And it might shock you.