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I Will Vote for Libertarian Bill Slantz for Congress

Libertarians want to take over the world and leave you alone.

What a refreshing ambition!

A couple days ago, I wrote that I will not vote for Ann Wagner’s re-election in 2014. I arrived at that position after realizing that Mrs. Wagner and I share incompatible, mutually exclusive views on the proper relationship between government and people. She believes government should run markets. I believe government should make sure markets are fair.

Because free markets are central to a free people, I find Mrs. Wagner’s position intolerable and dangerous–a threat to free people.

In that post, I also said I was torn between voting for the Libertarian, Bill Slantz, and undervoting the US Congress race. I have decided to vote for Bill Slantz.

I need to point out that I am not a Libertarian. Neither am I a Republican. But I am a libertarian and a republican. (This won’t make sense to VB.NET programmers, but us C#/C++/Java/JavaScript folks will get it.) Some in the Wagner camp will be tempted to (or already have) lost their heads screaming, “Hennessy’s not a Republican! He’a s PROG!!!!!”

Horseshit. I’m the same person I’ve always been–for good or ill. I’m a hockey guy who wants to be left alone. Unless I’m at a bar, then let’s talk. Or if you want to send me a gift. I’m open to gifts. I’m still STRONGLY behind Ed Martin, Tom Schweich, Rick Stream, and Peter Kinder. I have an embarrassing man-crush on John Lamping (which I know will cause him pain and suffering. Sorry, Senator.) My Reagan Ranch calendar sits proudly above my computer–open to July 2014, but, hey, it’s only the 23rd of September. On November 4, I will punch the R on every election except one: US Congress, 2nd District.

Want to know why I decided to vote for Bill Slantz for Congress? I read Bill Slantz’s website pretty closely. The quotes below convinced me to vote for him:

After watching everything I cherish being compromised by big government mismanagement, I can no longer remain on the sidelines. Because I know that I can help solve rather than compound our current problems, I feel it’s my duty as a proud Missourian to do my part and represent my neighbors in Washington, D.C. This country was founded on the premise that our liberty is secured by limiting the size, scope and intrusiveness of government. Small step by small step we have wandered off that path until we can now look back and realize that we have lost our way. I am convinced that both Democrats and Republicans cannot and will not make the fundamental changes we need because they have far too much to gain by maintaining the status quo.

It’s virtuous for people to be compassionate or self-sacrificing when it’s voluntary. All virtue is lost when charity isn’t done voluntarily.

The Libertarian Party is for all who don’t want to push other people around and don’t want to be pushed around themselves. It’s a live and let live philosophy.

Now, Bill’s positions on issues and situations:

Border Security
The United States, like all sovereign nations, has an absolute right to secure its borders and forbid any foreign national to secretly enter or remain in this country. We should not tolerate anyone refusing to obey our laws regarding proper entry into this county. Border security, however, should not be confused with the related but separate issue of legal immigration, my position on which can also be found on here.

Business and Economy
Except for courts to sort out the protection of lives and property, governments should keep their hands out of business. Voluntary economic exchange is the only way; government intervention is not justified. Further, government interference in business on behalf of some citizens at the expense of others is inherently unjust.

Consumer Protection
In principle, federal safety regulation can and should be abolished in favor of market institutions analogous to Underwriters Laboratory certification. I say restrict the FDA oversight to safety, leaving efficacy up to the marketplace.

Criminal Justice
In a free society, crimes would be limited to aggression against persons and property, including fraud. So-called “victimless crime” laws are incompatible with liberty. Drug laws today are among the most destructive, counter-productive and anti-freedom laws on the books.

Those who wish wisely or foolishly to use drugs should be free to do so and those who wish to keep drug use off their property should similarly be free to do so. In this regard, the choice to use or not use is should be left up to wisdom in experience, moral ethical, and scientific. [You know where I stand.]

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it has never been more important to educate our citizens. Unfortunately, even as education spending has soared, further burdening an already overtaxed populace, our education results continue to disappoint and lag behind those of other countries. To reverse this dangerous trend, we need to liberate our educators from the entrenched governmental bureaucracy that has held back progress for far too long.

Elections and Politics
If the federal and state governments were limited to its few legitimate constitutional functions, politicians would not be able to bestow favors to special interests. Without just election processes, some politicians abuse their power and strip citizens of their inherent rights and liberties.

Environment and Energy
There should be a free market in energy without government subsidies or excessive regulation. If energy production causes demonstrable harm the producers should be subject to civil penalties.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Foreign intervention should only occur when a case can be made that the legitimate defensive and security interests of the United States are directly involved.

Freedom of Religion
Freedom of religion must be total and unqualified in the private sector. Government should not in any way discriminate in its own policies in terms of religion, and it should also get out of areas like education where it only creates needless religious controversies

Freedom of Speech
There should be no restrictions on free speech so long as it does not cause material or physical harm to others.

Gun Rights
The private ownership and use of firearms or other weapons in a non-invasive way is fully legitimate. Government regulation, licensing, and registration of guns should be abolished.

There should be a true free market in healthcare without government restrictions or excessive limitations. Consumers should be able to buy health insurance across state lines, without joining a group, and in a market not distorted by government incentives or subsidies.

I believe in open immigration for all who enter peacefully, do not pose a threat and seek to contribute to our society. I oppose any form of welfare benefits to those who entered the country illegally.

I am a strong believer that one of the government’s primary roles is to promote and support a robust infrastructure. Tax dollars can be appropriately spent on power projects, roadways and highways, telecommunications, water systems and many more of the “big ticket” grand projects that benefit us all.

Marriage and Family
The government should play no role in marriage. Consenting adults should be allowed to enter into a contract of civil union protected by contract law. If some wish to have “gay marriage” and others do not, each should be free to adopt the rules they consider appropriate so long as property rights are respected.

Medicare and Medicaid
Medicare and Medicaid, if needed at all, should be privatized. However, allowing local communities to build a support system to directly meet these needs is a better solution.

The military should be strong and state-of-the-art. It should be adequate to constantly defend against all enemies. All military duty should be voluntary. There should be no military draft.

Minimum Wage and Workers’ Rights
Wages should be set by the market. Workers should have the right to join, or not join, a union they choose without being subject to coercion of any kind. There should be no minimum wage.

Monetary Policy
Monetary policy should be determined by Congress and the issuance of money should be strictly regulated with direct congressional oversight. There is no role for a Federal Reserve. A system of private clearing houses and deposit insurance offers the finest protection and competition for safety against ruinous depressions and inflation.

National Security
Protecting our personal security and defending the nation against aggression and catastrophic incidents is a legitimate constitutional power and the burden of government at all levels.

The government should not engage in tracking or surveillance of citizens without a legal warrant. The Patriot Act should be repealed.

I am personally opposed to abortion and I would fight against any government funding of abortions.

Social Security
Social Security should be phased out entirely. Retirement should be a personal responsibility, not an opportunity for governmental intrusion into private matters.

The income tax should be eliminated. The alternative would be national, state and local sales taxes. This change will include mechanisms that will protect lower income families from an excessively burdensome level of taxation.

Trade and Globalization
Unilateral free trade is the best and simplest policy. Free trade, migration, and association are fully legitimate so long as property rights are protected in the process.

Could I tweak some of those positions? Sure. But I could tweak some Ronald Reagan positions and some William F. Buckley positions, too. I disagree with none of Bill’s positions. None. In fact, many of these positions I took in my 1993 book, The Conservative Manifesto. Since then, the conservative position has morphed. In 1993, I was mainstream. (The youngsters wouldn’t understand.)

What I would not tweak about Bill Slantz’s positions is this: he believes government is a tool of the people. His Republican and Democrat opponents seem to believe the people are tools of the government. On that simple difference, I must vote for Bill Slantz. And I hope you will, too. 

Next week, I’ll talk about a longer strategy for rescuing MO-2 from the corporate elite.


Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

8 Comments on “I Will Vote for Libertarian Bill Slantz for Congress

  1. Bill – Over the past decade, I’ve gone from Republican, to Republican with libertarian leanings, to libertarian leaning Republican, to Libertarian. I will join you in voting for Republicans, under the right circumstances: A race where the Republican is in a reasonably close race (my vote could make a difference), and is reasonably close to acceptable to me (his victory would make a difference). If these conditions are not satisfied – and in Wagner’s case, neither of them is – I will vote Libertarian.

    The nice thing about Libertarians is, they really do believe in freedom. That includes political freedom, even for their own members. I’m the Libertarian committeeman for Ferguson Township, but nobody is going to excommunicate me for supporting a candidate of another party. However, we categorically reject the oft stated demand of the Republican party, that we are stealing votes from their candidates. Getting somebody to vote for you is the candidate’s responsibility, period. If you lose a close race because some people voted for a guaranteed loser rather than the lesser of two evils, your problem isn’t the Libertarian, it’s you.

    1. This

      A race where the Republican is in a reasonably close race (my vote could make a difference), and is reasonably close to acceptable to me (his victory would make a difference).

      Good to hear from you, Nick. Your story—your migration or evolution or awakening—rings true with a LOT of people of our era. For people reaching voting age now, they seem to have skipped the first two steps and gone straight to libertarian.

      The GOP satisfies itself with “fighting off the Ron Paul people.” They don’t stop to realize that those Ron Paul people are part of the largest generation in American history. And, at the other end of the life spectrum, reliable Republican voters are dying. As I pointed out in this post, the 3 million people who voted for McCain but didn’t vote for Romney didn’t defect—they died. And they weren’t replaced.

      I also love your point about party loyalty. Parties, like companies, cannot expect loyalty. They earn it. Ann Wagner earns the loyalty of donors. She’s losing the loyalty of voters. That’s a losing proposition. Just ask Eric Cantor what happens to the donors when the voters go away: they have to ask for handouts from Ann Wagner and Roy Blunt

  2. Agree with most of things he running on except open immigration. We need a secure boarder and a strict control over who is coming & staying in our country. One of my biggest problems with Wagner is she refuses to tell us where she stands on “Republican Principles”. She says she doesn’t want amnesty but that is right where the Republican Principles leads. I feel the republicans play on words is an insult to voters and right out of democrat play book. At least we know where Slantz stands before we cast our midterm vote.

  3. How is it possible to both take over the world and leave me alone? I just checked and yep I’m part of the world. Looks like Libertarians want to take me over too.

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