I Would Like to Talk to You on Tuesday September 2

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Hi. Bill Hennessy here. If you can, please stop by 111 Clarkson Executive Park, Ellisville, MO 63011 on Tuesday, September 2 at 7 p.m. (RSVP Here if you’d like.)

I have something I’d like to talk to you about. It’s about the tea party movement. But it’s really about understanding two very important concepts:

  1. Living to our purpose.
  2. Doing what’s important.

This is not a training session. It’s not an After Party. It’s not a rally. It’s an honest conversation with a call to action.

It’s about the things that made St. Louis Tea Party the most effective and most talked about tea party in the country in 2009 and 2010, where and why we strayed from our original purpose, and what I am going to do to get back to that original purpose.

I don’t know if this new mission will be an official St. Louis Tea Party Coalition project or not. That’s one of the reasons for this conversation.

I want you, the people who’ve stood with me through all my many failings, to hear the mission I’m going on. I hope you’ll join me, but I understand if you do not.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

8 Comments on “I Would Like to Talk to You on Tuesday September 2

    1. Yes. Thank you. Just heard of their work and sent them an email today. Hoping we can support their efforts and build nod what they’ve accomplished.

  1. I support that this needs to be revisited and discussed. I grew up in St. Louis County, and while I live in JeffCo now, I still have a vested interest in my home town (as well as my current one :-) ).
    I cannot attend – single mom of 3 schoolagers, and looking for employment while working on a paralegal degree (emphasis on Constitutional Law!) – but would like to keep abreast of what comes of this meeting. I hope enough are able to come to make this a healthy discussion from varied perspectives.

  2. I would love to participate in this discussion but I am out of town until Sept. 6. Thanks for being wiling to to this. We all need to be focused on action that helps make the changes this country needs.

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