Shop Ferguson and Dellwood This Weekend

Sorry I’m so late on this. This sounds whiny, I know, but I have a really involved week at work this week. Sorry. Crap always seems to work out this way, though. When there’s a great need for Tea Party services, I’m tied up with work obligations. Something has to give, and it’s usually the thing that doesn’t generate revenue.

But we all have work to do. Ferguson businesses and families are still struggling with the effects of the riots. The demonstrations didn’t break their windows or steal their inventories. Rioters did. Looters did. And the shop owners in Ferguson and Dellwood weren’t rioting. They were watching their American Dream of owning their own lives go out through broken windows.

Everybody shops on Labor Day Weekend. All we’re asking is that you consider doing that shopping in Ferguson and Dellwood.


The greatest damage was sustained along W. Florissant between the Schnuck’s/Target plaza (aka Buzz Westfall Plaza) and I-270. There are shops and restaurants–all the chop suey you could ever wish for. There are meat markets and liquor stores and my favorite beauty salon, 911. There’s a great nail salon in the same mall as 911 Beauty Salon:¬†9193 W Florissant Ave, St Louis, MO 63136,¬†Cross Streets: Between Ferguson Ave and Canfield Dr.

I will post a muster time and location on FRIDAY. Sorry for the short notice. Please watch this Facebook Event for details.


Twitter hashtag #FergusonBuycott

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8 Comments on “Shop Ferguson and Dellwood This Weekend

  1. Do you think you could share business’s information so those of us that can not make the buycott could send a random donation? Are you getting the tea party patriots across the nation to join in you could hAve a huge response how wonderful if the tea party out back together what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson followers tore down

    1. Yes! Thank you.

      Here’s a list of Ferguson stores: SHOP FERGUSON.

      And here’s the address for my new friend Dellena’s 911 Beauty Salon: 9193 W Florissant Ave, St Louis, MO 63136.

      Thank you, so much, for your help and encouragement.

  2. What a fantastic, wonderful thing this is! I’m sure Tea Party types across the country would love to help too – but for most of us, a shopping trip to Ferguson isn’t a possibility. (ie: I live in Washington state) Is there anyone with your group or in your area who could administer funds from a donation site such as “Go Fund Me”? I’m thinking a re-building or re-stocking fund for the businesses…

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