August 23, 2014

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**DOH!** ACTION: Tell Missouri Legislature Jay Nixon to Pass Tax Holiday for Ferguson


Tim Jones let me know that I’m giving the legislature more power than it actually has.

Veto sessions are limited to overriding vetos. Thus the name. BUT the governor can call a Special Session to vote on a Ferguson Tax Holiday. That session can run concurrent with the Veto Session, saving taxpayer dollars.

SO > > > New Action: Ask Jay Nixon (via Twitter and Facebook) to call a Special Session concurrent with the Veto Session to create a Tax Holiday for Ferguson/Dellwood.


**We’ve officially kicked off the #Ferguson BUYcott, but we’re far from done.#Ferguson Tax Holiday **

First, we’re asking people to keep the BUYcott going while we organize a bigger event for Labor Day Weekend.

Second, I texted Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones on Thursday with another idea: an emergency** Sales Tax Holiday for Ferguson/Dellwood area. **

**Please contact your Missouri House Rep and State Senator and ask them to pass an emergency Sales Tax Holiday for the riot-torn areas of St. Louis County during the upcoming veto session. **

I know this is tiny step, but tiny steps work better than big, grandiose schemes. If they complain about budge balances, tell them this: the won’t get any sales tax revenue from Ferguson if no one shops there, anyway.

Look, all the politicians are scared to death of this whole issue. That’s what’s great about the tax holiday. No one call cry racism, partisanship, or cowardice for helping affected businesses get back on their feet. Plus, it will save a little money for residents in the area.

I’m thinking the tax holiday should run from Black Friday through Christmas for Ferguson and Dellwood, the cities where I saw the most damage, either physically or commercially. But I’ll leave it to the Missouri legislature to decide what works best.

**So PLEASE send your Rep and Senator a link to this post and ask them to get moving. **