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Ed Martin Moves to Censure Henry Barbour Over Racist Mississippi Ads

Chairman Ed Martin

Go Ed!

A few weeks ago, hunkered down at my laptop in my hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida. I was exhausted from seven hours of travel and a time change. But I had to take a moment to recognize Ed Martin’s commitment to all the best the Republican Party stands for.

Ed is determined to expose the GOP establishment’s willingness to do anything to destroy grassroots insurgents. Thad Cochran’s forces in Mississippi threw ethics, morality, and decency to the wind in their quest to stop a Tea Party candidate from unseating the 128-term Cochran.

So I can’t tell you how proud I was when I saw this Daily Caller article by Missouri GOP Chairman, Ed Martin. He explains why he wants the GOP to censure Barbour:

I’ve been asked why I’m involved in Mississippi. I’m not. I’m involved in Missouri, where the use of racist political ads is a common Democratic campaign trick. The most relevant was in 2004, when the George Soros-funded 527 organization, America Coming Together, distributed a flyer with an image of a black man being hosed by a white fireman. The text next to the image linked U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft (a Missouri Republican) with an effort to keep African American voters from the polls

While a Democrat has acknowledged placing some of the racist ads in Mississippi, Martin points out that Henry Barbour–a Cochran crony–has dirty hands, as well.

In Mississippi this June, Henry Barbour’s PAC funded ads by a man named Bishop Crudup with the same lie. Using images from the Civil Rights era, one Barbour flyer states that the “Tea Party intends to prevent you from voting.” The flyer was heavily distributed to black neighborhoods in clear echoes of the Soros-funded message against Republicans in 2004. The Democrats and their operatives with bylines in the media regularly accuse Republicans of voter suppression. This is the first time in my experience that a Republican has done so.

When Tea Partiers see such despicable behavior from big-name Republican establishment figures, we worry that we were used in 2009 and 2010. For the record, we delivered the House to the GOP that year, denied Obama a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Here’s Ed’s specific action:

I have filed two resolutions for the RNC members to consider at our meeting this week. One censures Henry Barbour for his role in the race-baiting ads. The other censures any Republicans who were involved in the racist ads. I hope my fellow RNC members consider this serious matter carefully and state forcefully that we will not tolerate racist conduct by any of our members.

Ed Martin will need our support more than ever. Please don’t confuse him with the Republican establishment. His noble fight for justice in Mississippi shows his mettle.

Go, Ed!

UPDATE: ConservativeHQ has a great story on Ed’s noble effort

Author: William Hennessy

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13 Comments on “Ed Martin Moves to Censure Henry Barbour Over Racist Mississippi Ads

  1. A good place for Ed to start the clean-up might be right here in his own back yard. Hopefully the MOGOP won’t be whistling past the graveyard come 2016.



    “Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) is also soliciting contributions from lawmakers, K Street and donors for a super PAC run by former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour that is backing Cochran, according to GOP sources. Blunt is limited to asking potential donors for $5,000 per person, but they can give unlimited funds. Barbour has also been placing calls to political allies trying to raise more funds.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/06/thad-cochran-gop-establishment-support-mississippi-107723.html#ixzz39kfNI6nA

      1. Yeah, I’ve been tracking it for a few years now. Consistently below 60, now approaching 50 since he has been in the senate. Hadn’t heard about Fannie Mae, though. Good info. Thanks.

        1. At the time I did that analysis, Blunt’s record was a shock to me. I was trying to show that Obama got a ton of cash from Fannie Mae in a short time. But Blunt’s take truly surprised me.

          Hillary took bags of cash, too.

        2. She was DEAD BROKE, how do you expect her TO LIVE?!?

          You are such a cruel, cruel right-leaning-libertarian.

      2. Cochran/Haley Barbour/Henry Barbour/ Roy Blunt/ Rick Perry connection, lest anyone you know is ever tempted to support Perry in 2016:


        “With the help of veteran Republican operative Henry Barbour, Perry has also begun hiring staff in key states to help prepare for a possible run. His travel and staffing is being paid by a nonprofit group, led by his chief political adviser, called Americans for Economic Freedom, which can raise and spend unlimited sums of money without disclosing its donors.”

      3. I prefer clubforgrowth.org in addition to heritage; Blunt gets 74% lifetime (estab-repub) but dropped to 67% for his score in 2013 (mild-porker). Who are the prospects that can credibly challenge Blunt in 2016?

        #1. I hear Ann Wagner is an uber-Constitutionalist, and very ambitious. :-)

        #2. Ed Martin ran for Senate in 2012, but only managed to poll about 5%. His name recognition may have gone up after he singlehandedly stood up to the RNC, however. Has he done other good things as GOP chair in Missouri? Is it more important to keep him in the chair slot, than to have him (specifically) primary Blunt? He switched to the AttyG race after dropping out of the senate r-prime, and became nominee but lost to the dem 41/56 (doing a wee bit better than Akin’s 39/55 but way worse than Mitt’s 54/44 in an R+5 state… name recognition again prolly). He also “lost” in cd3 back in 2010, with 47/49 against the dem, but the Libertarian party peeled away 2.8% and the Constitution party peeled away 1.6% of the votes, so Martin + ideological allies would have won given unified voting-behavior. The district is R+13 after the redistrincting in 2012, but I don’t know what the PVI score was back in 2010 when Martin actually ran (redistricting happens the year after the census usually so the 2010 race was still the 2000-era PVI score). He will be age ~46 in 2016.

        #3. Sarah Steelman did well in the 2012 race, and was an early frontrunner in terms of polling, but her numbers gradually went down during the campaign, and by the end Akin had slightly topped her. Was she a weak candidate, or was the downtrend just vote-splitting noise? “former state treasurer ’04-08 and state senator ’98-04” says wikipedia, with endorsements from Mike Lee, Sarah Palin, Tea Party Express, nearly fifty state reps (can somebody scan the list and tell me whether the endorsers were tea or estab state reps?). Lost a statewide race for gov in 2008. Losing in 2016 would be her third strike, which is usually fatal, but both previous races she earned 175k votes (despite splitting in 2012) so she still seems strong to my eyes. Is she stronger, or weaker, as a candidate for 2016? She will be age 58 in 2016.

        #4. There was also John Brunner, who polled well despite entering late, and got some endorsements in the 2012 race, but seems like a mixed bag (usCoC + Freedomworks is an odd combo). Has not held public office, sez wikipedia; endorsed by Freedomworks, Ron Johnson T-Wisconsin, Tom Coburn T-Oklahoma … but also usCoC, John Deere, and the Missouri Pork Assn (prolly simultaneously literal as well as metaphorically). He will be age 65 in 2016.

        #5. Todd Akin just came out with a book, and theoretically could run again. He got endorsements from Mike Huckabee’08, Michele Bachmann’12, Phyllis Schlafly (EagleForum), Pete Sessions R-TX (estab/mainline), Steve King R-IA (mild tea), Jeb Henserling R-TX (mild tea), and Jim Jordan R-OH (tea). Unlikely to get them again, presumably. Also, age 69 in 2016, so possibly too old, although Reagan won at that age.

        #6. Blaine Luetkemeyer, stHaus’98-04, usHaus’08-present, tea party caucus member, scores from rating agencies are not great but not terrible. Age 64 in 2016.

        #7. Bill Hennessy, actual Constitutionalist, although jumping straight into the Senate is pretty tough (I hear you have to run for stHaus and then announce you are using it as a stepping-stone to get to the Senate later in your career politician days).

        #8. Who else? And what is the condorcet rankings (aka pairwise head-to-head outcomes for each possible two-way contest) of the seven people mentioned above?

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