July 4, 2014

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Chamber Royale

 Lynd:  So as charming as you are, Mister Bond, I’ll be keeping my eye on the government’s money and off your  perfectly formed arse.

Bond: You noticed.

Lynd: Even accountants have imaginations.

— from Casino Royale, 2006

You have to ask “why?”


Why would national Republicans like Roy Blunt, Ann Wagner, Billy Long, and Jason Smith jump into a State Senate primary?

The race to replace Senator John Lamping in Missouri’s 24th State Senate district is attracting major attention from Missouri’s US Congress delegation. Roy Blunt, Ann Wagner, Billy Long, and Jason Smith are bringing their fundraising prowess to bear on behalf of Jay Ashcroft, son of John Ashcroft. On June 30 the Missouri Republican Congressional delegation held a fundraiser for Mr. Ashcroft at Vue 17 in Clayton.

I think I know why, and I think it involves a big name Republican who’s not listed on the invitation: Kit Bond.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce, currently under the direction of the Missouri Hospital Association, hired Bond to push Medicaid expansion in Missouri. So far, Bond has failed in his quest. But he’s not giving up, and neither are the aforementioned Republican powers.

Word on the street is that Missouri’s Republican establishment wants Medicaid expansion passed early in the 2015 session to avoid interfering with 2016 fundraising. Apparently, Ashcroft agreed to help push Obamacare in the Missouri Senate, so the Powers That Be want him to replace the principled Lamping. (Lamping—a Hennessy’s View favorite—chose not to run for re-election.)

This story shows why I’m so down on the GOP, especially in Missouri.