June 30, 2014

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10 Missouri Candidates No One Told You About

How many times have you thought, “I really don’t care for the Republican, but I’ll never vote for a Democrat?”

How does that thought make you feel? Weak or strong? Impotent or powerful? Eager or dispirited?

Do you know why you feel forced to choose between the lesser of two evils?

Because you want to.

In almost every race, you have more than two choices. In the 2014 US House elections in Missouri, ballots in all eight districts will have a Libertarian or independent candidate, or both.

I’m not saying to cast a knee-jerk vote for a third party candidate. I am saying not to cast a knee-jerk for a Republican or Democrat. Take a look at your choices. Tell your friends who don’t vote that they don’t have to settle for the lesser of two evils.

To help spread the word about your choices, here’s what I could find about some non-traditional party candidates who might be more appealing than the candidates chosen for you by the political elite. Or, as Politico put it

2nd District: Bill Slantz, Libertarian

I believe in a limited government. Individuals should be free to make choices for themselves and accept responsibility for the choices they make. The Libertarian way approaches politics based on the principle of self-ownership — no group, government nor individual should be allowed to dictate or direct the life of any other group, government or individual.

As a proud Libertarian, I believe not only in a free market, but also in the free marketplace of ideas. We poorly represent the voice and will of the people when we restrict conversation only to those affiliated with a Republican or Democratic Party. We need fresh, independent voices if we are to rid our government offices of “politics as usual” in Missouri and beyond.

3rd District: Steven Hedrick, Libertarian

I could go to school for 50 years and never understand half of the things our government does and we have no say in what they are doing to us. If this is a free country, shouldn’t we be making the decisions instead of people that we elect thinking they are going to be honest when they just want to get elected? I think we should have more freedoms that are not overran by our governments laws because after all, isn’t that what are forefathers wanted for us? This is not going to be a free country until we make a stand and get our freedoms back that have been taken over by our government. It is your call, but I think we should make a stand together so we can be free!

BTW, Blaine Luetkemeyer, the 3rd District incumbent, is the mother of all crony capitalists in Congress. This seat needs a new face in 2014.

3rd District: Harold Davis, Write-in

I REALLY WANT YOU to send me to the House of Representatives. THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT!  Because I know you’re frustrated with Gov’t. and I hear you say there’s nothing you can do. WELL NOW THERE IS!  AND YOU MUST ACT!  IF you don’t, it’s pretty simple and obvious, nothing much will change. Take action is just a catch phrase unless YOU put out effort. I have offered to disrupt my life for CIVIC DUTY, so must YOU, to REGISTER TO VOTE  AND VOTE, WRITE MY NAME ON THE BALLOT

4th District: Herschel Young, Libertarian

With all the talk about where I stand on some issues. I have decided to clear the Air! 
Yes I support Freedom of Religion!
Yes I Support Freedom of Speech! 
Yes I Support The Right to Bear Arms for All!
Yes I’m Pro-Life
Yes I’m for Less Government
Yes I’m for Lower Taxes
Yes I’m Against Government Handouts!
Yes I’m For Extradition of All Illegal Aliens / Undocumented People in America!
Yes I’m Against ObamaCare! Yes I would Vote to Abolish US Dept of Education. Yes I would us the Constitution as my Guide for Voting on any Issue. If not Supported by the Constitution I would not vote for it!!!

Feel Free to Ask any Question.

5th District: Roy Welborn, Libertarian

Over my job career I have done so many different things from fast food when I was younger, to construction, and finally for the past 30 years I have been in the Computer industry in various roles from Programmer, to Systems administrator. I have been dead broke, I have wondered at times where my next meal has come from, and I have been lower middle class blue collar/white collar all my life. So I know the plight of the middle class with struggling to pay for bills, gas, and food with what little money I brought in.

I have never held a public office not even in high school, and that is one reason why I think I would make a great person to choose for congress, I know when to call bullcrap, and I am very outspoken regarding what is wrong, right, and simply none of the governments business. If I am graced with being elected will not change.

6th District: Russ Monchil, Libertarian

Russ Monchil resides in Caldwell County with his wife Tracy and his 2 sons.  Russ has lived and worked in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District his entire life.  He and his family live on and run a certified organic farm.  He works full time in the hotel industry at the Kansas City Airport, has a producer license to sell Legal Insurance and also enjoys breeding Working Line German Shepherds.  He is a steward for Teamsters Local 41, and will begin a 2 year term on the local school board on April 9th. Russ is an active participant and committee member with the Libertarian party in his local township.

7th District: Kevin Craig, Libertarian

Liberty Under God is the philosophy that made America the most prosperous and most admired nation in history. America is now bankrupt and despised even by former admirers. Only one candidate for U.S. Congress would get the vote of America’s Founding Fathers.

PS Kevin’s website is a remarkable source of information.

7th District: Vincent Jennings, Independent

2014 Democrat Candidate for MO 157. Favors legal cannabis. Equality. Labor. Liberty. Medicaid expansion. Land based casinos..

8th District: Rick Vandeven, Libertarian

One of the first things that I will do when elected is introduce legislation to eliminate federal funding of state, county, and local police forces. Yes, this will save the taxpayer money (about $700 billion since 9/11), but I am much more concerned about saving our civil liberties. There are too many cops, too many jails, too many drones, too many armored vehicles, too many SWAT teams, too many machine guns, and TOO MANY DAMN LAWS!!!

8th District: Terry Hampton, Independent


A New Way of Thinking about How We Are Governed
You and I have to do something different if we expect different political results. It’s time for us to say to the Republican and Democratic parties, “We’re leaving.” These parties don’t support us. Why are we supporting them? 

A Gallup poll from January 12, 2012 says that Independents make up the largest political group in the country. Yet in the current House, membership is 54% Republican and 46% Democrat. Congress doesn’t look like or act like us because it is not like us. 

You deserve a new kind of voice, not another politician who knows his or her way around the political system, the system that has failed us and our country.

Don’t Vote for Power and Money
It’s nearly impossible for politicians who get tangled up in the party system to not lose their way. The lure of party power is strong. But the price they pay is giving up their souls to the party line. 

Representatives elected by political party power, or by special interest money, owe their allegiance to whoever paid their way. Our current representatives don’t answer to you and me. They answer to their parties and to money.

Aside: I with all the candidates profiled here would check out Terry Hampton’s excellent, professional website. One reason non-establishment candidates struggle is they don’t do the basics right. Terry does. A high-quality, professional looking website is not expensive or difficult today. If candidates want people to take them seriously, they need to follow Terry’s lead on website design and content strategy.

 Learn More About Your Choices

No one can use the “lesser of two evils” excuse for staying home in 2014. I know people think that voting for a third party is wasting a vote. So is not voting at all.

Note: I offered to profile three other candidates who did not respond to my request for information and whose websites lacked sufficient background to include in this post. And then I received Roy Welborn’s info, which I’ve added.