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King Abdullah Kicks Obama Out of Saudia Arabia ? **Video Added**

You’d think American foreign policy couldn’t sink any lower than standing by while Vladimir Putin re-conquers the Warsaw Pact nations. Then you’ve underestimated Barack Obama’s incompetence.

Apparently, Obama didn’t bow low enough to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Whatever happened, an “intimate” evening planned for Obama and Abdullah was abruptly cancelled after a two-hour meeting between the two leaders. A meeting intended to “mend fences” between the two men.

UPDATE: Here’s the video from Lou Dobbs on Fox Business


The White House is now denying there was  dinner scheduled. They’ve scrubbed all references from the White House web site, they’ve demanded return of printed copies of the schedule (and the state media complied). They’ve even deleted a State Department tweet about the dinner. Before the MSM finishes scrubbing their sites, I grabbed a few screens. Here’s what WaPo said this morning:

Washington Post reports Obama's overnight stay and dinner with King Abdullah
Washington Post reports Obama’s overnight stay and dinner with King Abdullah

And USAToday:

USA Today Story Reports Dinner with King Abdullah.
USA Today Story Reports Dinner with King Abdullah.

But the dinner was cancelled:

Fox News reported that a State Department tweet posted earlier today was deleted after the White House announced that there never was a dinner planned between Abdullah and Obama. The White House would not explain why the dinner appeared on the President’s official schedule and the press briefing.

What we do know is this: King Abdullah thinks Obama’s a wimp who screwed up the whole Syria thing then appeased Iran on nuclear weapons. Abdullah has stated flat out that if Iran gets nukes, Saudi Arabia will go nuclear.

Apparently, Obama’s fawning, bowing, obsequious routine didn’t impress Abdullah. In fact, I’m pretty sure the King takes Obama for a child playing a man’s role.

It’s highly unusual for a US President to be effectively kicked out of a country–especially an allied country. Coming on the heels of Obama’s feckless deterrent in Eastern Europe, Iran’s flouting of the toothless agreement we signed in the fall, and Obama’s collapsing support at home, the world now witnesses a weird scenario in which Saudia Arabia and Israel become the only “Western” countries capable of bare-knuckle diplomacy with the world’s land-grabbers.

What’s to stop Putin from marching through Ukraine straight into Poland? As I said, Putin knows he has an open window to seize all the land he wants until January 20, 2017.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

25 Comments on “King Abdullah Kicks Obama Out of Saudia Arabia ? **Video Added**

  1. Oh yeah, couple of other things. Obama ‘inherited’ the trillion dollar deficit and financial crisis post-2008 and has managed it fairly well, maybe a B+.The deficit, although high is finally on the right trajectory (~650,000 billion). Finally, he has put that rabid dog NetaYahoo on a short lease. So to all the flaky (far right?) Americans out there, what do you want, a president that ramps up (phony) wars and deficits or one that ends war and attempts to get the country on a better financial, economic footing?

  2. Maybe Obama asked the King, “Why did you do 9/11?”. You see, Bush made a grave error. He ‘let it happen”, then started a retarded war in Afganistan, then an illegal war in Iraq. For all the crap Obama takes, he has ‘ended’ the 2 wars and now, maybe, just maybe, he is addressing the real problem on this planet….those radical Sunni, Wababi(sp?) Saudi’s.

  3. Adventurous adversaries in the Middle East and Central Asia respond to an Obamafied wimpy America with aggression and land grabs. Lets not forget the South China sea where China likely will grab land from a few different countries (and maybe even attack Japan) during the last Obamafied years of a weak America.

  4. I think you are forgetting that the Saudis declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be terrorists and Arabic newspapers in Ebgypt claim Obama is a member.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Not forgetting that. Just not going there. I think Obama’s lack of leadership is more worrisome to the Saudis than a newspaper’s specious speculation on Obama’s membership in a political union.

      Like it or not, the world still looks to the US for leadership and protection. We brought some of that upon ourselves during and after the Cold War, but the consequences exist. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do leaders of nations that feel vulnerable when their perceived protector becomes unwilling or unable to protect them.

      1. “the world still looks to the US for leadership and protection.”

        Yeah, right. In your dreams. I think the world is sick and tired of the US with their threats, bullying, global 24 hour spying, never ending wars, the use of false flag attacks like 9-11 to to justify an invasion of countries such as of Afghanistan and Iraq, destabilisation or the overthrowing of countless governments around the world through the use of NGOs and terrorists funded by the US State Department such as in Libya, Syria, Mali, C.A.R., Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Ukraine just to name a few.

        The biggest risk to world peace is without any shadow of a doubt the crazed madmen who control the USA. People need protecting from the US. To be honest I wish Washington DC or maybe the whole of the USA could be towed into outer space. Then we might actually have peace on this planet.

        1. There’s a difference between leadership and military adventurism. I agree that US foreign policy has conflated the two over the past two decades. But world leadership is very different from mere interventionism.

          When the world looks for a leader, it asks questions like these:

          • Do they do what they say?
          • Do they support friends and challenge foes?
          • Do they set a good example with internal policies?
          • How do they treat people/nations who can’t do anything for them?

          These are also traits of individual leaders, of course. Nowhere on the list is “has a big gun.”

        2. — “Nowhere on the list is “has a big gun.””

          I wouldn’t be so idealistic.

          Those four questions are relevant to the leadership issue only if it/he does “have a big gun.” (((

          So far recently the USA has failed to be yes on the four questions and has a big gun. Which makes it a crazily dangerous leader.

          Even more it can support the big gun only by hopelessly borrowing money from its competitors. Which makes it a fragile flaky crazily dangerous leader.

  5. Putin dishes Obama with Snowden.. Obama persecutes Putin in the media for a law that doesn’t allow gays to target youth with propaganda.. Saudi and other muslim countries kill gays on a regular basis.. completely outlawing them.. no concerns or questions raised by media or Obama.. double standard? big time.. now that the Saudi King dished Obama and cancelled dinner with him.. CNN releases article about gay refugee from Saudi .. Moral of this story: don’t dish Obama or he’ll attack you with the gay agenda

  6. What makes you so sure, that Putin has any interest in “marching through Ukraine straight into Poland”?

      1. Michael, thanks for the comment.

        I don’t know Putin’s desire to advance to Poland, but I do suspect that Russia’s long-term aim is to re-establish Soviet borders and buffers. If you follow the links, you’ll see a series of posts that explain.

        My original interest what Putin might want to do comes from the book “The Next 100 Years” by STRATFOR founder George Freidman. I, of course, could be completely wrong, as could Mr. Friedman.

        But if Friedman is right and Russia will attempt to re-establish those protective borders and buffers, then Putin’s clock it ticking. The next US presidential election could sweep in an administration and a national mood that’s very different from the present and recent past.

        BTW, I’m also a big believer in Strauss and Howe’s generational view of history. Again, they could be wrong. If they’re right, though, we are in the mid-early stages of a Crisis era that will end with something big and terrible. Previous crisis eras ended with WWII, the Civil War, the American Revolution, etc. (working backwards). Moods matter to these eras more than circumstances. Few people with firsthand memories of WWII remain influential or in control. The generations running the world–Boomers at the top, Millennials at the bottom, Xers in between–know of the Depression and WWII only from movies, books, and history classes. We can understand that time, but we cannot feel it. When the Depression/WWII era began, the Civil War generations had just exited the public stage. When the Civil War era started, the Revoluationaries had just departed. And so forth.

        I’m not a “sky is falling” eschatologist, just a guy trying to sort out an increasingly unstable world so I can get through life best I can.

    1. He has so much as stated that he wants to unify the eastern block states into a new Russia…look it up.

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