December 2, 2013

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What Was The High Water Mark for St. Louis Tea Party?

Do you realize that’s been nearly five years since I wrote this post? Realizing how time’s flown since 2009, I’ve been a little nostalgic this weekend.

I looked through some of Darin Morley’s excellent videos on YouTube.I searched “St. Louis Tea Party” on

Have you thought about what’s happened?

While Russ Carnahan survived Ed Martin’s remarkable challenge in 2010, Russ is no longer in Congress, and Ed is chairman of Missouri’s Republican Party.

While Obamacare passed and survived a Supreme Court challenge, most Americans are now openly hostile to both the law and its author.

While the Tea Party movement has fewer supporters, its key principle–questioning government–is surging.

While most young voters voted Democrat in 2012, the Millennial generation is quickly becoming the most libertarian generation since Jefferson’s.

Of course, we in Missouri and Illinois played a proportionally small role in those accomplishments. Still, we made things happen. We shook stuff up.

So what was our high water mark? What event or protest or demonstration was the one to hang our hats on? Comments are open. In a few days, I’ll let you know my candidate. It might surprise you.