September 25, 2013

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How Roy Blunt Failed Missouri Today

The Republican primary for US Senate in 2016 will actually be a battle for an empty seat. Roy Blunt effectively abdicated his throne today.

This morning, I showed where Missouri stands on Obamacare.

I’ve called, written, and tweeted to Roy Blunt. So have thousands of other Missourians. And so have Americans across the country.

I’m not surprised that Roy Blunt failed to publicly join Ted Cruz’s filibuster. That kind of daring commitment to principle just isn’t in his character. He wouldn’t get anything out of it.

I am a little shocked that Blunt became only the third Republican Senator to publicly side with Harry Reid.

No one should be shocked that Blunt shamefully talked like a weasel about his decision to oppose Ted Cruz’s strategy to defund Obamacare. Here, Blunt plagiarizes his leader, Mitch McConnell:

This week, I’ll continue that fight by supporting the House-passed continuing resolution, which defunds ObamaCare and keeps the government open without increasing federal spending. I will vote to begin debate on this bill and move to final passage on the House-passed CR.

Weasel words. Clever. Slick. Insincere. Weak.

Blunt knows, as do you, that his vote against the final Senate bill is worth less than his promises to do everything in his power to stop Obamacare. I’d have more respect for him if came out and said, “I stick my neck out for nobody.”

Instead, Blunt said he would “oppose efforts” by Harry Reid to remove the defunding language from the bill.

Really, Senator? How will you oppose? With a terse statement from the floor? Maybe with some pithy, digging tweets in between calls to happy donors?

Blunt’s post-cloture opposition to Reid’s efforts will be about as meaningful as my opposition to tomorrow’s weather.

  • By voting for cloture, Roy Blunt will vote to give Harry Reid the power to strip Obamacare defund language from the continuing resolution.
  • By voting for cloture, Roy Blunt will put Obamacare on the fast-track to wrecking the American healthcare system.
  • By voting for cloture, Roy Blunt will never again be able to say, “I did everything in my power as a citizen and a Senator to stop this monstrosity.”

Now, along with Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, Senator Roy Blunt forms a crusty club of warped old men who sit in the Senate and plot ways to increase their own power–even at the expense of yours.

At least, Roy has two friends.

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