September 22, 2013

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Evolution of Government

  1. People are natural creatures.
  2. People were created without earthly masters.
  3. People are born free to choose.
  4. People invented government.
  5. Some people created private government by suppressing others.
  6. Some people created public government through voluntary cooperation with others.
  7. Public governments rule people.
  8. Public government serve people.
  9. Public governments foster human achievement.
  10. Private governments suppress human achievement.
  11. Private governments tell people what they can do.
  12. Public governments do what people allow.
  13. Private governments seek to maximize the power of the ruling class.
  14. Public governments seek to maximize the power of the people.

Once evolved, private and public governments become a series of contrasts.


Private government try to keep people equally constrained.

Public governments try to keep people equally free.


Private governments distribute limited wealth efficiently.

Public governments unleash unlimited wealth.


Private governments manage shrinking economies.

Public governments promote growing economies.


Private governments see money as a weapon.

Public government treat money as a tool.


Private governments put efficiency above freedom.

Public governments put freedom before efficiency.


Private governments manage religion.

Public governments respect religion.


Private governments seek two classes: a ruling class and servant class.

Public governments leave people to classify themselves.


Private governments limit what can be said.

Public governments limit what cannot be said.


Private governments control economic transactions.

Public governments foster economic transactions.


Private governments list permitted behaviors; everything else prohibited.

Public government list prohibited behaviors; everything else is permitted.


Private government is the top of the hierarchy.

Public government is the bottom of the hierarchy.


Private governments define and regulate families.

Public governments serve families.


Private governments protect the government from themselves.

Public governments protect people from criminals and invaders.


Private governments define happiness.

Public government promote happiness.


Private governments exist for the happiness of the government.

Public governments exist for the happiness of the people.


1.  Would you rather live with a private or a public government?

2.  Do you now live in a private or a public government?