September 12, 2013

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Who Will Be America’s Clothing Czar

Are you ready for America’s first Clothing Czar?

According to, this person, “will decide what you will wear every day for the next four years.

If you’re a Goth, what if the Czar disallows Goth? What if he’s an 80s fan and orders collars up?

What other questions do you have for the new Clothing Czar?

The good news: you can vote for the Clothing Czar of your choice.

What questions would you ask?

In the Right Question Institute’s exercise to get young people to vote, the facilitator lets them know there is no Clothing Czar.

But there is a President. And Congress. And, together, they appoint judges.

And in Missouri, there’s a governor and legislature and judges on the ballot.

And these real offices make decisions about your life every day. Maybe they’re not as personal and immediate as What Not To Wear. But the decisions government makes for you are far more important.

The government is about to decide very personal things:

  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Taxes
  • Security
  • Schools
  • Jobs

And the NSA listens to your phone calls, reads your emails, and, potentially, spies into your bathroom window with a drone.

So, while the Right Question Institutes wants to you write down as many questions as you can about the fictitious Clothing Czar, I want you to consider just one question:

Why would you let anyone make those decisions for you?

I understand that in our representative system, we elect people to handle some details we don’t want to bother with. But the list above includes personal life decisions, not general, boring government activity.

Why wouldn’t you want to own your own life instead of renting the one some bureaucrat chooses for you?

In the end, that’s the only reason I dabble in politics and self-governance. I want to own my own life, and I want everyone else to be free to own theirs, too.

If you want to own your own life, say so in the comments. It’s an important question. Your life, literally, depends on your answer.