September 7, 2013

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Republicans Need Marketing Consultants

I got four emails from Republican candidates today. They all sucked.

I’ve made every mistake they made, so I won’t beat anyone up over it.

But if conservative candidates want to win elections, they have to become—or hire—excellent marketers.

Everybody freaks out about the Democrat advantage in data, analytics, and social. But 80 percent of that gap is good execution of scientifically established marketing principles.

Republicans tend to despise marketing. They reject psychology. And they wonder why they get their butts kicked.

I’ve learned a lot about this stuff in the past few years. I’ve seen how one little change can double email open rates and increase click-thrus and forwards by 82 percent.

I’m working on a way to share this information with candidates I’d vote for. (If you think Chris Christie would make a great president, don’t bother applying.)

More to follow.