The GOP Is Losing Its Base

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Nearly 3 million Americans will die before the next Congress is seated in 2015. How dare Republican elites ask them to die waiting for their freedom.

I was part of twitter conversation Saturday. I retweeted @DanStlMo’s tweet:

I am no longer a member or supporter of the Republican party. #toct

— DanStlMo (@DanStlMo) August 24, 2013

To which @5is4grace replied:

@whennessy @DanStlMo NO! What they want & welcome! Form new narrative for conserv.’s within and cont. fight for the “Renewed Republic Party”

— 5is4grace (@5is4grace) August 24, 2013


@whennessy @DanStlMo We are our own worst enemy in this! Jees! Get us through 2014! Leaving a party does not improve anything.

— 5is4grace (@5is4grace) August 24, 2013

I understand @5is4grace’s concern. Defections will help Democrats and hurt conservatives and lower-case libertarians in the short run. But defections of the base are a really bad sign for the Republicans. People like @DanStlMo are the energy of the GOP. They’re the Tea Partiers who got the GOP through 2010. They gave the House back to the Republicans, along with a ton of state legislatures. Without that base, the GOP is done.

The problem is, though, the GOP elites don’t want to be “renewed.” Not by people like Dan and me, anyway. They want to be renewed by big government wealth re-allocators like Chris Christie. For us on the right, well, they’d like us to shut up, campaign, donate, and vote.

As Rush Limbaugh points out in this video, the Republicans are embarrassed by their base.

And Dan’s not alone in defecting. Sean Hannity warned he’ll leave the Republican party if the House caves on Obamacare.

The GOP Can’t Win Without Us

We also “renewed” the GOP in 2000. And again in 2004. What did they do with it?  They grew the government, grew domestic spying programs, created a leviathan DHS. They did everything but return power to the people.

The House has the power to force the president to negotiate. It can block the continuing resolution to fund the government. It can put the heat on Obama and force defunding of Obamacare.

But the House leadership is squishy. Boehner wants to put off the Obamacare battle until the debt ceiling debate. Then he’ll put it off until after the election. He’s instructed Republicans to avoid town halls. In 2009, at least the Democrats had the balls to show up and face the music. But the Republicans run from their own base.

Republicans Still Have Time and Weapons to Fight Obamacare

I’m not yet with Dan. I still have hope that people will bring enough pressure on House Republicans that they will renew themselves.  They have the power, and they always did.

The GOP can’t tell its base, though, to wait any longer. Waiting is over. Every minute that ticks by is a minute of a short life lived as a subject to a despotic government and not as a free man living out our founding creed.

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