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The GOP Missouri Legislature Is About To Give A Monopoly To A Major Democrat Donor

“Republican” Rep. Caleb Jones likes money, and Susan B. McCollum has a lot of it. You do the math.

Caleb M Jones - Issues

Jones and Rep. John Diehl co-sponsored HB759, a bill that would effectively give Major Brands, Missouri’s largest alcoholic beverage distributor, a perpetual, state-protected monopoly. In the Senate, Tom Dempsey, no enemy of cash, is a co-sponsor of a similar bill, SB 365.

Conservative and free market groups like the Adam Smith Foundation are lobbying against the insane bills, but McCollum is handing out cash like a lottery winner at the casino.

**Why would a Republican want to give a Democrat millionaire a monopoly on booze? **

The only thing I can think of is MONEY. Money from the free-spending pocket of Susan B. McCollum.

**But McCollum has a truth problem. **

Susan McCollum is the attractive CEO of Major Brands. She led Jay Nixon’s transition team outreach program. She donates about $30,000 a year to liberal causes and candidates, including $10,000 to McCaskill, $2,500 to Russ Carhahan, and $5,000 to the McCaskill soft money fund Heart of America PAC in 2012.

When McCollum contributes to a PAC, she lists herself as CEO of Major Brands. But when she donates to liberal candidates, she claims she’s a simple student. When donating to Claire McCaskill’s Heart of America PAC, McCollum was self-employed.

Susan Mccollum - $27,500 in Political Contributions for 2012

Both the student McCollum and the CEO McCollum live at the same address:

PAGE BY PAGE REPORT DISPLAY FOR 12951394812 (Page 7 of 78)

(source: https://www.campaignmoney.com/political/contributions/susan-mccollum.asp?cycle=12)

A reasonable person would conclude that Susan B. McCollum CEO and Susan McCollum Student are one and the same.

So why does Susan McCollum change her occupation with every donation?

Maybe to give Republican friends in the Missouri legislature cover?

Anyway, email your state rep and state Senator and ask them to stop this Democrat take-over of the liquor industry in Missouri.

**Stop crony capitalism. **


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