April 18, 2013

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San Francisco Is The Liberal Dream

I’m in San Francisco this week. I’m taking notes.

I just walked past a carbon-copy of my little doggy Stella guarding her homeless master who was sleeping on the stoop of a building at 8th and Mission. They were the first two people on the street who weren’t smoking dope.

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Then it dawned on me. In San Francisco, there is no opportunity for people at the bottom to climb up to the top. And there’s little hope for anyone who reaches a certain age (say 18) and decides then they want to make something of themselves.

So the Others get weed, and if they’re lucky a fiercely loyal little dog to ward off predators.

This is the liberal dream. Money, culture, and power for the elite; free drugs for the rest.

In other words, this is the most depressing city I’ve ever seen up close. A bifurcated dissection of the American Dream. Two kinds of prices: super premium and free. Two kinds of cars: super luxury and salvage. Two kinds of people: Masters of the Universe and bums.

The liberals here have climbed the ladder, dragged it up to the roof, and burned the sonofabitch. “Ain’t nobody challengin’ my status!” They’ve eliminated competition from below.

Yeah, I know there’s other parts of town, but downtown defines a city. Downtown St. Louis is a study in denial. What was once America’s largest small town is now America’s smallest old industrial Big City.

San Francisco is the liberal dream. Super rich and gutter poor with nothing in between and no way to cross chasm.

Kind of like the old Soviet Union.