April 10, 2013

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This. Not That.


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About the Real Conservative National Committee

The Real Conservatives National Committee is a political action committee organized under Section 527 of the IRS Code. We only endorse and support conservative Republican candidates. We do not support third party candidates. We will operate as an independent expenditure SUPER PAC as defined by the Federal Election Commission.

Our mission is to help conservative candidates win Republican primary elections against incumbent RINOs, and help conservative Republicans win general elections against Democrats. We may also endorse Republican candidates nominated by the party to run in the general election.

Our proven method is to use robust database systems that integrate cutting edge analytics with well organized and highly motivated grassroots activists who are skilled in person-to-person communications on the doorstep and are well trained in get-out-the-vote operations.

Co-founders Lorie Medina and Michael Patrick Leahy serve as Chairman and President, respectively, of The Real Conservatives National Committee. Both have been activists in the Tea Party movement since its inception in February, 2009.

The Real Conservatives National Committee is also launching a ground game offensive on June 15, 2013, all across America:

We will do so by first removing the political consultant class from the process of selecting and managing conservative candidates. We will replace them with a new political infrastructure powered with low cost, state-of-the-art, voter contact technologies that draws its manpower from the largely volunteer conservative grassroots army that has sprung to life over the past four years and is now awaiting a path to victory.

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