Before You Slam the Loudons for Reality TV Show, Watch This

Dr. Gina Loudon

Our old friends John and Gina Loudon appear on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap this Thursday, March 28.

A lot of my friends have asked “what were they thinking?”

Dr. Gina explains what they were thinking:

My Take

The Loudons took a big gamble. It’s about time someone did.

Gina is dead on. As I’ve been saying for awhile, we have to break out of our affinity bubbles. That means going to places we might not be accepted.

Want to stick to your affinity bubble? Then don’t bitch when the Democrats dominate the 2014 and 2016 elections, when libertarianism or conservatism or however you brand yourself is a tiny little subset of politics that matters to no one.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

50 Comments on “Before You Slam the Loudons for Reality TV Show, Watch This

  1. I do admire Gina and John for sticking their “necks” out on the line like this, but did they really accomplish what they were hoping for by using the vehicle of liberal television media? It’s like trying to make your case as a conservative while participating in a very liberal minded activity of “wife swapping.” Not a good example to begin with. They also came on the show hoping to show what the tea party is not, but actually the media worked against them (as would be expected).

    Gina admitted in the above video that she could be wrong, and I have to agree with her, that it was not the best VENUE to reach out to the “other side.” It only came across looking like they were being judgmental, which does not promote an open debate and actually supports the accusations made by their opponents. My suggestion? Start a television talk show which invites people from both sides of an issue and hold an open debate. Get tea party activists to join a debate panel so the public will soon understand why we think the way we do. Just my two cents.

  2. Nice editing of that clip Bill Hennessy. Why not show the whole conversation?? Because AS USUAL you’re trying to manipulate the truth. Chris did NOT elbow Ashley…. he flinched away from her. Not the best response to her trying to calm him down…. BUT HE CLEARLY DID NOT HIT HER as you claim. Again…another lie. Jesus is gonna be very disappointed in you if you keep all this sinning up. How do you sleep at night?

    1. Something tells me that you’d be dissatisfied even if I posted the entire hour.

      Speaking of lying, what’s your real name?

      BTW, I’m heading to the store. Need another case of Doritos?

      1. I’m all set, but thanks for thinking of li’l ole ME.. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out now!!! Peace and love!

  3. Pretty narrow minded view right there, yes ABC wouldnt show the whole show. However, they did show the other family had issues as well, but i bet they were pissed on how the Loudons reacted to the show. However they spin the show, one fact remains the Loudons decided to leave and lawyer up, for what? Pretty lame, thought Gina made a couple decent points as well as some bad ones. Her husband on the other hand clearly tried to use the show as a channel for his political/religious beliefs, come on he told that poor lady she deserved to die. Even Rush wouldn’t of said that, his show yesterday he claimed no one wishes harm on homosexuals or deny them benefits, just the word marriage.

  4. Gina was a joke, she got all over their case for the open marriage and when the other side made a rude comment about religion she freaked. Think her and the husband were very rude to each other but she did have a point with the bill of rights and family dinners. The two husbands on the show were total dicks, especially when the book of leviticus came out, come on there is a reason why the old testament isn’t practiced by most modern christians. He told her she deserved to be put to death for being gay, asshole.

  5. You don’t appropriately ask someone to leave their own house when you are a GUEST in said house. How in Gods name was that appropriate? Gina had every opportunity to leave that situation “appropriately” before she stormed out and never came back like the coward you Tea baggers are when confronted with the HONEST truth.

    1. She didn’t leave until she was ordered to by the homeowner. Normal people leave when the homeowner says “get out.” And the homeowner, not Mrs. Loudon, slammed the door after she left. Then the homeowner appeared to slap one of the women he loves.

      I have to ask, Tora, did you finish the Cool Ranch and move onto the Doritos Classics?

        1. Just spreading more open minded love and tolerance, Tora? I watched the same show you did and the description of events provided by BH in his post is accurate. Gina was asked to leave and the door was slammed by a very angry (loving, tolerant) Mr. Envy.

        2. Yes Cheryl….I relished the moment. She got what she deserved. Gina was NOT thrown out. Both you and Bill are lying about that exchange between Chris and Gina. Chris said and I quote, “No one is making you sit here. The door’s right there, Gina, the door’s right there. Walk. It’s my house right? Walk” Gina replies “Happy to walk”. and then just sits there staring at Chris with those bug eyed hate filled eyes…. and Chris then says. You’re still sitting there” Gina finally realizes she’s lost the argument and gets up to pack her bag. Gina now is talking to the camera and saying how she felt backed into a corner while Chris degraded her values. Exactly what John did with Angela..berating her in front of his children… asking her if she was a Muslim. CLEARLY YOU BOTH WANT TO INTERPET THAT SCENE TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SHE WAS THROWN OUT WHEN IF FACT GINA WAS JUST GIVEN AN OPTION….. AND THE COWARD TOOK THE EASY WAY OUT. And yes Cheryl, I’m very open minded with a sense of humor… AND I’m outrageously generous…. SO, would you care for some cool aid as well? Straight up…or on the rocks?

        3. CHRIS: The door’s right there, Gina. Walk. It’s my house, right?

          The homeowner gave and instruction (walk) and an assertion of right (my house). If I tell you to walk and remind you it’s my house and you remain, I’d be free to use the force allowed by law to remove you.

          And here’s the video clip:

  6. Brilliant strategy by the Loudons. Make your point and stop fighting. By skipping that closing confrontation they denied the pathetic viewer a pathetic cat fight.

    I like it. And just look how they’ve upset the sad people hoping to supplement their empty lives with someone else’s pain. Disappointment for the Doritos addicts who name their cats after “Real Housewives” and their dogs after gansters’ molls.

    Well played, John and Gina. Well played.

    1. I’ve checked into you You Tube page and find it rather interesting that both candidates you were promoting LOST to a Democrate. It seems to only further prove the weakness of the Tea Party and especially any weight you carry in getting people elected. It seems when you put Your stamp of approval on a candidate…. they fail.

      1. What do you call people who support only certain winners, Tora?

        I support candidates who, I believe, will maximize my freedom. Rarely am I satisfied with my choices in general elections. By work for the ideas I believe in. I don’t simply cut deals with the likely winner for personal gain.

        And I supported a hell of a lot more than two candidates in 2012.

  7. GO, GO, GO, GIRL!! I applaud you for your courage to STAND UP to THOSE WEIRDOS who flaunt their sick adulterous sex in front of their precious young children, and THEN fight like the demonic wolves they are, if anyone casts a judging eye to it! HAH! AND they are TAKING THE LIFE of that young (20 something) girl, too! They are truly doomed to Hell, but it’s such a shame that they are promoting those things right in front of their innocent children.

  8. Oh for Heavens sake…….I am a Christian who believes in Jesus Christ as my savior which is what Christianity is all about! bla bla bla I could not listen to this woman after the 1st minute or so. So glad I did not waste my time watching the show.
    In just that minute I could hear nothing but nothing coming out of her.

  9. The Loudons went into this with the intention of showing that conservatives aren’t “closed minded stereotypes” and had the exact opposite effect. What a chickenshit thing to do, sicking your lawyer on the producers so you could drop out early for a show YOU signed up for. You represent everything that’s wrong with this country wrapped in one hateful, ugly package. Thank you for proving all the stereotypes true…and then some.

    The kids seem like sweethearts. Shame their parents are so judgmental and cowardly. People like this aren’t true Christians and would crucify Jesus in a heartbeat if he walked the earth today.

    1. Funny you say that but dont mention the other family.

      I happen to agree.

      I further think liberal ‘anything goes’ crap in the other family is exactly whats wrong with America.

      Funny ABC tried to slant it all to the left when it was clearly a showcase of why America is fucked…

  10. I watched the WIFE SWAP TV show with the Loudons on it. They turn me off , big time. Bible thumping self-rightous bigots. The guy loved to quot Bible to that woman. The Bible says ‘ ALL HAVE SINED’, even those self-rightous Loudons. I have nothing good to say about poeple like them.

    1. No mention of the pure multi wife family on the left though huh?

      BOTH of these groups of morons made me feel sick.

    1. So, I guess the Loudons shouldn’t try to live their faith? Then whose faith should they live?

      1. They’re welcome to live their faith….. but that bitch knew exactly what she was doing when she signed up for the show. She knew she’d get a national spotlight via ABC and preach just enough bullsh*t only to prove and instill just how crazy you Teabaggers are…then refuses to return for the couples meeting to explain her cowardice actions. You all sure like to quote the bible when it suits you…. but wont answer for yourselves when you are called out for being hypocrites.

        1. It never ceases to amaze me how the left loves to brand as hypocrites anyone who doesn’t share their views. Did it ever occur to you that the Envys were unwilling to be open minded to the values of the Loudon family from the beginning? Gina Loudon appropriately asked that the other adult (second wife) leave. She had no reason to believe that she was signing up to be ambushed by two adults who would break the rules at will – refusing to leave, watching TV. The Envys were determined to do whatever they wanted and Gina and John chose not to finish the episode after Gina was forced out of the Envy home under a barrage of insults. Why would you expect her to come back for more bullying? And, clearly, you are also a bully — name calling nine words into your post.

  11. Perhaps being giant, tea-party cowards was the perfect representation of them. Run away and hide…I’d expect nothing less from narrow-minded, bible thumping bigots. I hope ABC sues them for everything they are worth for breach of contract.

    1. Or maybe the Loudons realized that the closing confrontation is nothing but a salacious spectacle for Doritos addicts who live vicariously through people whose unenviable lives are somehow richer than their own.

      Hitting close to home, Susan?

      1. Problem is they chose to be apart of the show. Dont want to do it fine then dont sign up. Signing up and going half way is lame. One things the Loudons cant say is they honored their agreement to ABC. Just lame they had to call a lawyer up, for looking a little bad on tv, who cares. Looks worse that they chickened out when the other side didnt.

  12. I just watched this episode of Wife Swap. Typical teabaggers….thump a Bible.. then become a coward when confronted with someone who disagrees with your preaching. WHAT A COWARD BOTH THE WIFE AND THE HUSBAND FOR NOT FULFILLING THEIR COMMITMENT TO THE SHOW. Even their older children can see the hypocrisy their parents spew. You can just tell the oldest daughter was humiliated by the whole experience.

    1. So they didn’t give you your cat fight. At least the Loudons live life and don’t depend on others to live life for them in 1080p.

      1. I wasn’t looking for a cat fight…. I was hoping for an even exchange of thoughts. But the god fearing Loudons ran for the hills and COULDN’T defend their bigoted actions.

        1. If you really think, after watching what ABC allowed viewers to see of that set up debacle, that there was any hope of there being an “even exchange of thoughts”, you are the perfect obama voter. One who cannot connect the actual dots and make a reasonable prediction of the outcome. And, you top that off by speaking for people you don’t know as if you are the authority on their views. Unfortunately, people like you are the reason that an “even exchange of thoughts” is impossible.

        2. and people like you are the reason John Loudon was voted out of office and his family run out of St. Louis.

  13. There is no “warrior” here. This is simple, old fashioned greed. The Loudons always manage to put a spin on their self serving actions. And we can always expect their mindless followers to give hallow support. Fake–It’s the Republican way!

    1. Loraine,
      IYO was greed the motivation for the other family? They didn’t list $ as their motivation for doing this show.. Do you believe they are also spinning their self serving actions? You found it so easy to judge the Loudons but never mentioned the other family. Perhaps you are also self serving. Just saying……

  14. She is a warrior and she puts the challenge out there for the rest of us. We can stand for God’s truth without fear because He has told us that He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear or timidity.

  15. Dear Gina,

    “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) Keep on challenging us. You are right. We can’t win the battle if we are in retreat. We need to put on that armor and run to the battle. Don’t worry about mistakes, they are all redeemed by His precious Blood. And you never know that the Holy Spirit will use to touch people. Papa God loves people so much, He will keep calling to their hearts so that at least some won’t be lost.

    God Bless,


      1. Why are you judging them when you are bright enough to know that ABC didn’t show everything that happened in either household. This was an ambush from the beginning and the Loudons stayed with it as long as they could and followed the program rules long after the Envy’s refused to comply.

    1. Romans 5:8 “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” God loves everyone, IF homosexuality is a sin, they are still gods children. If they want to accept the lord as their savior great if not their loss, forcing it down someone throat doesnt work.

  16. Thanks Bill for the video of Gina Loudon. She speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to go outside her comfort zone to do so. To win this country back from the radicals who are now running it, we must win the culture war. Gina is right. We can not win the political war until we first win the culture war.

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