Go Bills

SLU Billikens
SLU Billikens
St. Louis University Billikens advanced to Round of 32 in NCAA Tournament. They meet Oregon St. at 6:10 p.m. Saturday

I’m not the biggest NCAA basketball fan in the world, but the SLU Billikens rev up my heart whenever they make a push in the tournament.

It’s heartwarming to see all the love spilling over from Mizzou fans to the Bills, as Bernie Miklasz documents in a post today.

Anyway, I thought I’d present the Twitter responses to my question. There’s a good mix here … some humor, some bitterness and some harmless “hater” stuff too. As well as some anti-Kansas sentiment and a shot at Ole Miss hot dogĀ Marshall Henderson. I even heard from a couple of Illinois fans, including the mayor of Jacksonville, Ill.

Wouldn’t you love to see the Bills drive into the final four? And while I’m asking questions, if you’re a Mizzou fan, have you adopted the Billikens?


Author: William Hennessy

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