March 19, 2013

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Vote No on Proposition P on April 2

Every penny taken from your in taxes is a penny someone else decides how to spend. It’s a penny you earned but forfeited to someone else’s arbitrary discretion.

Vote No On Prop P

Don’t surrender your economic freedom any more.

Proposition P is an easy No vote.

Proposition P is a sales tax increase that would drive up the cost of everything you buy in St. Louis City and County. St. Charles County already opted out of the tax, because they knew the money would be frittered away. And because St. Charles residents want to keep their spending power for their own use.

The Establishment wants you tax yourself so they can spend money on parks. Parks are great. Cities and counties should provide places for people to gather and play and explore nature.

But, just like a business, governments cannot continue to destroy the people’s spending power.

Vote No on Proposition P on April 2. And tell your friends to join you. You have more influence than you imagine.

The St. Louis County GOP voted UNANIMOUSLY to oppose Proposition P. You should, too.

Vote No On Proposition P

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