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Why the Missouri DOR’s Enhanced Interrogation Methods Should Make You Mad

Pulled from comments, in response to TJ, you asked: “I am somewhat confused about the current outrage. Shouldn’t the DOR verify, to the greatest extent possible, that an applicant for renewal of any state issued ID be who they maintain to be, live where they claim to live and so on.”

If you’re buying beer at Schnuck’s, you expect the cashier to card you, right? That’s because the cashier is required to verify your are 21 or older.

Wouldn’t you think it creepy if the cashier took your picture and photocopied your driver’s license?

Missouri Department of Revenue - Prying Eyes
Missouri DOR (Department of Revenue) records your personal identifiable information in violation of Missouri law. Lawmakers in Jefferson City are working on legislation to force DOR to comply with existing laws.

When you ask him why he took your picture and copied your DL, what if he told you, “I’m going to forward this information to the federal government. I don’t know why they want to know that you bought beer today, but they do.”

There’s no difference here. A fee collection office is just a supermarket for licenses and permits. The DOR’s verification duties are set by Missouri law. So are its limits.

Missouri law prohibits DOR from recording, by any means, personal identifying information. Missouri law also prohibits Missouri DOR from sharing that information.

The DOR fee office employees are under orders from the state to violate the law.Fee office workers were the first contact Missouri Family Network because they knew that they were breaking the law by using the new equipment and process.


I’m posting my reply to a comment on my first story about the Missouri DOR’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques on people trying to renew driver’s licenses and concealed carry permits. Thanks to commenter, TJ, for challenging me.

Author: William Hennessy

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8 Comments on “Why the Missouri DOR’s Enhanced Interrogation Methods Should Make You Mad

  1. Todd Richardson’s bill, HB 787, introduced 3/6/13 and heard in the House Government Oversight and Accountability Committee, in its 2 brief pages seems to prohibit the DOR from making and retaining copies of source documents of applicants for “drivers or non-drivers licenses,” but I’m not sure that includes CCW certifications. Does anyone know?

  2. Ever see the Chinese bar on the back of your drivers license? Well the other day I returned a purchase at Best Buy. The clerk ask to see identification, I figured the cc that I used to purchase. . .not. He said, “I need your drivers license.” I didn’t think about it and handed him my DL. He flips it over and scans the Chinese bar. So I ask him, whats on the bar and he replied all your information that’s on the DL. If you take that to the next level with the RF Transmitter chip, you’ll be broadcasting/announcing your personnel information. . . only God and the DOR no’s how many feet/yards.miles. . .to whom ever has a reader. Kinda weird!

    1. Target now scans the DL for any purchases that require verification–tobacco, alcohol, non-vice pharmaceuticals. They say they do it for their own protection. They want proof they did their job.

      I’m not a big fan of that, but it bothers me less than when government does it, lies about what they’re doing, lies about how they’re paying for it, and lies about why they’re doing it.

      The biometric photography is particularly disturbing when combined with the Administration’s drone policy.

  3. You have to apply for your CCW at the DOR office, where if they copy all your vital documents, **Presto!**, a gun registry (for CCW applicants, anyway) is born!

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