Month: March 2013


Today Is National Stomp On Marx Day

Join the fun and Stomp On Marx! Stomping on things is all the rage on some college campuses. But the kids are missing out on the real fun. Here’s an exercise I highly recommend for teachers of kids age 14 and up. Stomp On Marx! Here’s how you do it. 1. Download and print this …

Political Psychology

Use This One Word Because It Makes You More Influential

Don’t ask me to explain why the human brain works the way it does. And don’t ask me how scientists get the idea for some experiments. Instead, take note of the most influential work in the English language, because I want you to be more influential. What’s that one word? It’s not “you” or “free” or …


ACTION: You Can Save the 2nd Amendment in Missouri *UPDATE* Senate Committee Approves the Bill

2nd Amendment

A lot of activity on the 2nd Amendment front. First, the Missouri Senate subpoenaed the Department of Revenue. This story tells you why. Second, I just received this urgent request for support from Ron Calzone: March 26, 2013 Bill; Missouri Senate senator Kurt Schaefer is on a roll… This evening (Tuesday) his amendment strengthening our …


Get Rewarded Just For Reading Hennessy’s View

Hennessy's View Game Center

This couldn’t get any easier. Look over to the right.  See this?   That’s the Hennessy’s View Game Center. Just click the avatar and register using your Twitter or Facebook ID. You’ll earn points and badges for just for visiting.  You can earn even faster for sharing your favorite posts on social media. Get extra …


Before You Slam the Loudons for Reality TV Show, Watch This

Dr. Gina Loudon

Our old friends John and Gina Loudon appear on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap this Thursday, March 28. A lot of my friends have asked “what were they thinking?” Dr. Gina explains what they were thinking: My Take The Loudons took a big gamble. It’s about time someone did. Gina is dead on. As I’ve been …


It Begins: US Plans to Tax Deposits in Swiss Accounts

Reuters reports (via ZeroHedge) that Switzerland has reached a secret deal with the United States to assist the US government in conducted a Cyprus-style confiscation of deposits held in Swiss bank accounts. The question then is: how many of the oligarchs, Russian or otherwise, who avoided a complete wipe out and total capital controls in …


Palm Sunday Snowstorm of 2013


Here’s what Twitterdom is saying about the Palm Sunday Snowstorm: Branches are touching the ground and now being covered by snow. #snomg #snowday #stlwx — Kristen (@Concrete_Runner) March 24, 2013 Things will taper off in early evening, but northern parts of STL region will have had between 8-14″ of snow by then. #stlwx — …

Economics and Economy

Bankers and Politicians Are Robbing People Everywhere

Before you shed tears for the plight of elite bankers, let this statement sink in: Cyprus’ banking sector must shrink. As did Ireland’s, the hard way. What is essential, as every Irishman and woman will tell you, is that the politicians do not load up the weaker citizen’s/taxpayers’ shoulders with enormous debts on behalf of …